You've tried everything but nothing seems to get you more leads

Learn a better way

You're not getting enough (or any) inquiries.

You're clueless how to market your business to actually get clients.

You spend hours on social media only to hear crickets.

let me guess...

It's possible to confidently market your business without being overwhelmed or confused

The secret to making money in your business isn't about selling:
it's about connection

OMG, Tell me how!

The photographers blueprint to confidently attract clients and make money.

Tell me more!


Have a pricing structure that supports your business and makes you money

Cultivate a sustainable business that's unique and stands apart from the rest

What if you could...

Hop off the hustle train and pave your own way to a business that aligns with your life,
not the other way around.


Work with dream clients that are easy and refer you

running a successful business is
so much more than taking pretty pictures.

Your business started with a heart-led calling.
It should grow that way, too.

This course TRANSFORMs your business so that you can build one that aligns with your vision. 

tell me more

You are so overwhelmed with the business side of things that you are stressed to the max and spinning in circles

You see other photographers working with dream clients and wondering why you aren't getting the same inquiries

You love taking pictures and capturing memories but you are always teetering on the edge of burnout (okay, or maybe you're already there)

You're a photographer who is serious about making money as an artist but your current quality of life is tbh, not the best

The Aligned Photographer
is for you if...

is this you?

Yep, it's me

Recorded video lessons that teach on each subject and course access for the lifetime of the course. 

Access Recorded Teaching + Lifetime Access

A curated month of content designed by a social media professional. Content is unique for stories and posts and includes examples and videos. 

Bonus: 30 Days of Social Media Content

Stay on track with printable worksheets and guides that will help you work through the content and propel your business forward!

Access to Lesson Printables


($597 VALue)

($597 VALue)

($97 VALue)

What You Get:

In this bonus lesson, copywriter Sara Gillis walks you step-by-step through the process of writing a welcome sequence that builds a relationship with your future clients.

Bonus: Writing a Welcome Sequence

($147 VALue)

Learn how to use this AI app to automate your communications on social media to grow your email list and make more money.

Bonus: ManyChat

($147 VALue)

Bonus: Flodesk 101

($147 VALue)

In this bonus lesson, I will walk you through my own personal Flodesk account to show you just how easy it is to setup and send emails to your email list. 

This module is all about giving yourself the space to do some soul searching in order to gain some much needed clarity. I encourage and equip you to turn the volume down on the world around you and to ask yourself, "What do I want? What are my big dreams?"

Aligned Vision

module 1

You've cast your unique vision in Module 1; now it's time to set appropriate goals to propel your business forward.
How can your business fit your life,
not the other way around?
We'll explore all of that in this module.

You've cast your unique vision in Module 1; now it's time to set appropriate goals to propel your business forward.
How can your business fit your life, not the other way around? We'll explore all of that in this module.

Aligned Goals

module 2

In order to cultivate your vision and achieve your goals, what boundaries do you need to set for success? Whether you need to set boundaries with clients, with family or friends, or with your calendar, it's all on the table in this module.

Aligned Boundaries

module 3

What does your ideal schedule look like? This module will help you craft a schedule that supports your LIFE and your business.

Aligned Schedule

module 4

Now that you have a clear idea of what "success" in life and in business looks like for you, it's time to set prices that are in alignment with your dreams and that support your goals. We'll uncover how to price your photography services in this module.

Aligned Pricing

module 5

Creating content for social media or a blog can feel overwhelming, but the power of connection can be uniquely yours. Let me show you how in this module.

Aligned Content

module 6

Everyone always talks about the importance of building an email list. In this module, you'll learn practical steps to build an email list and  use these connections to move forward in business, all while fostering relationships and serving your ideal client.

Aligned Email Marketing

module 7

Module 8

It's time to get a streamlined and organized client workflow in place. No more dragging your feet on responding to emails, creating invoices and sending contracts because you had the busy work. No more forgetting to send client prep guides. No more wondering when clients will pay their balances. This module is going to get you organized once and for all.

Aligned Workflow

My friend, no woman is an island. Including you! It's time to stop doing everything on your own and get the support you need, and deserve. This module is all about taking all the pressure off your shoulders so you can focus on what you do best. 

Aligned Support

Module 9

Join now and finally  have a business that is profitable AND feels good.

✔️ Access to Marketing That Attracts course
✔️ Printable worksheets for accountability
✔️ Additional resources for each module 
✔️ Bonus: 30 Days of Social Media Content
✔️ Bonus: Writing a Welcome Sequence
✔️ Bonus: Flodesk 101
✔️ Bonus: Fall Success Kit Mini Course
✔️ Bonus: Using ManyChat

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Dare to be brave enough to build something unique that reflects your priorities and achieves your dreams.

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Hi, I’m Sabrina! I’ve been photographing families for well over a decade, and after building the photography business of my dreams, I now help photographers do the same.

When I'm not photographing newborns and young families around Fort Worth and Dallas, I'm supporting photographers who want to create and grow sustainable businesses that puts your heart and your life FIRST.

Photographing your most magical moments and turning them into your memories is literally food for my soul, as is teaching other photographers how to level-up in business by putting what matters first.

Whether you're here to book a photography session or to gain inspiration and practical tips to grow your photography business, I can't wait to serve you!



I’m Sabrina Gebhardt

hey friend!



How long do I have access to the course?

No. 1

You will have lifetime access to the course. This means that as long as this course is running and apart of my offer suite, you will be able to login and review all the content. 

When does the course start and finish?

No. 2

This course is completely self study and the entire course, and all the contents, will be available upon registration. This means that you can dive in and binge it immediately. 

How is this course delivered?

No. 3

Upon enrollment, you will gain access to the course portal and live call calendar. Each module includes several lessons, and each lesson will have a video along with printable worksheets to propel your business forward as you learn. Modules also have suggested support content like podcast episodes and blogs to help take things a step farther.

What if I am not even officially in business yet? Will I really get anything out of it?

No. 4

Absolutely! I have taught these same principles to many people over the years before they even served their first client. Every single one of them was so thankful to have such a solid foundation in place before starting their business!

Will I need to invest in anything else for this course in order for my business to feel more aligned with my marketing?

No. 5

You don't have to invest in anything else to be successful inside this course, but if you can, I recommend designating a notebook, a written planner and a large annual wall calendar to help keep you on track!

I am so overwhelmed that I don't even know how I can manage the time and energy for this course. Are you sure I can handle this?

No. 6

I GET IT! The overwhelm you are feeling now is EXACTLY why I really want you to take this course.

I recommend committing going through the course one module every week. This pace will make it less likely to  feel overwhelmed and feel empowered to actually move forward! Just take it one step at a time. You can definitely do this!

My business is brand new, and this course is a bit of an investment for me. Will it really be worth it?

No. 7

I know how expensive starting a business is, and I also know that the skills and the mindset shifts that you gain inside this course will pay off over and over again.

Whether you can commit to skipping Starbucks or take on two extra sessions to pay for the course, trust me: if you can find a way to come up with the funds, I know you won't regret it. 

Will you be available and accessible to answer questions if I get stuck?

No. 8

This course is fully self paced. If you want more support from me, I highly recommend joining my monthly membership, The Round Table, where you have daily access to me in our Facebook group AND more live calls. 

Still have questions?

No. 9

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have to help you determine if this course is right for you! Email me at, and I'll get back to you asap.

If you're ready to build a uniquely-you photography business that is rooted in your priorities and achieves your version of success, not anyone else's, then The Aligned Photographer is right for you. I can't wait to support you as you gain clarity and confidence inside this course!

define your version of success,
and make it happen

Put What Matters First


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