A Four-Month Mastermind for Experienced Female Photographers:
Level Up Your Heart-Led Business
and Cultivate a Life of Ease

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want to thrive

Grow a business, and a life,
that's destined to thrive.

build a business that fits your definition of success, not everyone else's

Running a successful photography business doesn't have to mean sacrificing family time to shoot or easing up on your boundaries to say YES all the time.

You can be financially successful as a photographer, and you don't have to live in a perpetual state of hustle to make it happen.

It may seem like a dream to have a thriving business and serve your clients from a place of ease, rest and gratitude.

 But I promise you it is possible. 
Let me show you how.

i'm ready for this

Clients say YES to your offers, but you feel overwhelmed, overworked, and underpaid, making each session you take one step closer to burnout

You're ready to take your business to the next level, but you're too stuck in the client hustle to have time to think like a CEO

Comparison across social media lurks in the background all too often, making you feel less confident in the work you're creating

You feel like you are spread too thin in both life and business, and managing your calendar is a chore you dread

What would it feel like to run a successful photography business that fills your cup, instead of depletes you?

Yes! tell me more

You felt affirmed in your service offerings, your ideal client, and your boundaries and only said YES to clients who fit your creative dreams

You possessed a clear vision and practical steps to finally run the business of your dreams 

You felt confident in serving your clients and your community with your business and your art

You leaned into self-care as a priority instead of an afterthought by creating ease in your business

heart and business.

This Sounds Dreamy

No one teaches photographers how to

As an educator and photographer myself,
That's why I created Root to Rise

In our 4 months together, you will shift your business to achieve sustainable success while affirming your uniqueness and your priorities.

You will experience deep, intentional education, an intimate community, explosive growth and a luxury, in-person retreat.

You will crystallize your vision for the future of your business AND develop a practical plan of action for how to get there.

You will shoot fresh, lifestyle family imagery to market your business and attract more clients who want the emotive images you're creating.

You will view self-care as foundational to your success as a business owner and feel a renewed dedication to care for yourself with intention.

You will share space with a tight-knit group of supportive women who are invested in you and your future.

The Mastermind & Retreat is about both

Because they go hand in hand.

build a better life that leads to a better business.

Part Mastermind // Part Retreat


mallory shelton

I enjoyed having accountability with setting goals and working towards them! Breaking down those goals in bite size pieces and accomplishing them successfully was incredible. We walked through our photography businesses together weekly and supported each other along the way. Sabrina encourages each of us individually in just the specific way we need. 

"It has truly changed my business."

kristen howell

I loved taking the time weekly to think about the bigger stuff in my business... I get caught up in the shooting and editing too often. Plus the retreat was so fun, helpful,  relaxing and I learned so much! But I didn't leave exhausted, I left refreshed and with new friendships.

"I gained clarity in my business."


Where Business Success Meets Personal Growth

root to rise will show you that it is possible to...

Create work you are consistently proud of while only working with ideal clients

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Hit that elusive 6-figure income mark while taking time for yourself weekly

Create a thriving business while shooting fewer sessions than last year

Build a photography business that is unique and stands out from the crowd


Say No to opportunities that don't serve you to make time for what matters to you

Say No to weekend sessions so you can prioritize building personal relationships

Stop shooting too many sessions and feel more balanced in your work and in your life

Stop taking the shots "everyone else" is doing and focus on creating the imagery you crave

I’m Sabrina! I’ve been photographing families for almost 12 years, and after building the photography business of my dreams, I now help photographers do the same.

But like many business owners, once I experienced what “success” felt like – memory cards that were always full and an editing queue was stacked sky-high – it didn’t take long before what I felt on the inside didn't match what success looked like on paper. I was drowning. I was burned out. I was depressed.

And here’s the thing: I still see this same scenario happening all day every day. As women, we pour into our businesses and our family until we are completely depleted and stuck.

After a LOT of work on myself and my business, I came out the other side, honing my version of success with my business in a better place than I ever imagined. And now, inside Root to Rise, my signature, high-touch mastermind coaching program, I teach photographers just like you how to chart their own success in this industry. This means building a business that is successful on the outside and on the inside.

Let me teach you how to balance your business and your well-being so that you can level-up your business and your life.

sara mcmillian

Learning from Sabrina was the best gift I gave myself. She is a real, honest, and wonderful mentor. One of my biggest takeaways was raising my prices because I have a whole new confidence and understanding of my worth and value. Root to Rise was hands down the best investment of my year.

"I have a new understanding of my worth and value."


The theme of month one is Successful Start . Together, we will learn how to set goals, priorities and boundaries to build your business with intention. This month we will learn from Colie James and do a deep dive into setting boundaries and systems to help, which will be the perfect start to our time together. Month one will also include a teaching from me, a Q&A call, and a book club meeting all focused around the monthly theme.

i'm ready

Monthly Book Club Reading (Books are Included!)

1 Guest Speaker Each Month

Monthly Themes to Truly Move the Needle

Weekly Zoom Calls for 4 months

Month One

The theme of month two is Mindset and Abundance. We will learn how to gain confidence and beat imposter syndrome through mindset work. This month we will learn from Val Duvick and do a deep dive into money mindset and abundance. Month two will also include a teaching session from me, a Q&A call, and a book club meeting all focused around the monthly theme.

Month two

The theme of month three is Business Sustainability. We will learn about casting a vision for our businesses, combating burnout, and getting help. This month we will learn from photographer and copywriter, Rachel Greiman, and do a deep dive into overcoming seasons of deep burnout. Month three will also include a teaching session from me, a Q&A call, and a book club meeting all focused around the monthly theme.

Month three

The theme of month four is Business with Heart. We will learn how to put everything together to build a business that works for you and your life. This month we will learn from photographer and marketing guru, Annemie Tonken and do a deep dive into marketing from the heart. Month four will also include a teaching session from me, a Q&A call, and a book club meeting all focused around the monthly theme.

Month four

mastermind details

Amazing Swag!

Private Facebook Group (Hello, Community!)

Weekly Voxer Hours Access to Sabrina

BONUS (New for 2023): Access to 4 Guest Speaker Presentations from Last Year's Round of Root to Rise!


erica grandin

I realized that my business can be exactly what I want it to be. It doesn't have to look like anyone else's business. I can make all my own rules, boundaries, and goals that fit into what I need in my life right now. Plus, I loved the instant community of amazing women and the highlight was definitely the in-person retreat!

"An amazing community of women."

kellie llewellyn

I made so many positive changes in my business during the mastermind including finally offering  Travel Sessions (a long time dream of mine)! Anything Sabrina teaches is a MUST have. The accountability & guidance she offers is priceless. 

"The accountability and guidance are priceless."

  • The Retreat kicks off at 4PM on Thursday, March 30!
  • Day one includes a chef-prepared dinner, drinks, community building and setting our intentions for retreat weekend.

i'm ready, sign me up!

Dream-Casting and Creating Action Plans

Portfolio Reviews

1 Outdoor Family Session led by Christine Dammann

2 In-Home Lifestyle Family Sessions led by Sabrina

Day One

  • The morning begins with a lesson on how to run an in-home family session. 
  • Around mid-morning, we will photograph a real family in-home.
  • After lunch, it's portfolio review time, where we'll strategize and create a plan of action to shoot those images you're dreaming of.
  • That evening, we will shoot an outdoor BEACHFRONT family session led by Christine Dammann.
  • After the session, we will have dinner on the town while learning from Christine all about creativity and capturing connection.

Day two

  • Our morning kicks off early with a private yoga class.
  • Around mid-morning, we will photograph another in-home family session to build that portfolio.
  • After lunch, we will take some time to ourselves to rest and reflect on the retreat property.
  • That evening, we will enjoy another chef-prepared meal and share space together for open Q&A.

day three

  • The morning will include group headshots around the retreat property. 
  • After a brief wrap-up, the retreat closes at 10AM on Sunday, April 2.

day four

retreat details

Lots. Of. Fellowship.


Private Yoga Session

All Meals and Lodging are INCLUDED!

March 30- April 2, 2023
san diego, ca

(Travel to the location is your only added expense!)

Shoot New Images for Your Portfolio

Check out this incredible venue!

Photographer, Systems Expert and Dubsado Guru, Colie will be the Mastermind Guest Speaker for January.

A sneak peek into just a few of the guest educators
for Root to Rise 2023!

"Systems and boundaries for the new year"

Colie James

Photographer and Copywriting Expert, Rachel will be the Mastermind Guest Speaker for March.

"overcoming deep overwhelm & burnout"

Rachel Greiman

Photographer, Podcaster and Business Extraordinaire, Annemie will be the Mastermind Guest Speaker for April.

"marketing from the heart"

annemie tonken

✔️ 4 months of weekly learning in Mastermind
✔️ Facebook group for live Q&A and support
✔️ 3-day in-person retreat in San Diego, CA
✔️ 5 Guest Teachers
✔️ Voxer office hours every week
✔️BONUS: Replays of the 2022 Guest Educators
✔️BONUS: 1-on-1 Call with Sabrina!
✔️BONUS: A seat in the beta run of Sabrina's BRAND NEW COURSE: The Aligned Photographer

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Payment Plan Options

Get a FREE 1:1 Call!

✔️ 3 flexible payment options
✔️ 4 Months Of Weekly Learning In Mastermind
✔️ Facebook group for live Q&A and support
✔️ 3-day in-person retreat in San Diego, CA
✔️ 5 Guest Teachers
✔️ Voxer office hours every week
✔️BONUS: Replays of the 2022 Guest Educators

best value

natasha sewell

Sabrina has created an experience like no other. I’ve grown as a photographer and a human. I’m walking away with skills I never expected to gain from Root to Rise. I feel more confident and better grounded. 

"An experience like no other."


4 Core Components of Root to Rise

Still on the fence about whether Root to Rise is for YOU? Well, hop on down from there, and let's chat!

Feel free to peruse the FAQs below, and then, if you still have questions, send me an email. I'd love to discuss my heart for Root to Rise and help you determine if this round is a good fit for you!

read the faqs

Don't Delay:
Only 11 spots available!


More from last year's group...

best value!

✔️ 4 Months Of Weekly Learning In Mastermind
✔️ Facebook Group For Live Q&A And Support
✔️ 3-Day In-Person Retreat In San Diego, CA
✔️ 5 Guest Teachers
✔️ Voxer Office Hours Every Week
✔️BONUS: Replays Of The 2022 Guest Educators
✔️BONUS: 1-On-1 Call With Sabrina!
✔️BONUS: A Seat In The Beta Run Of Sabrina's BRAND NEW COURSE: The Aligned Photographer

pay in full

one payment of


Pay In Full

payment plan

most flexible

2 monthly payments of


Payment Plan

get a free 1-on-1 call!

✔️ 4 Months Of Weekly Learning In Mastermind
✔️ Facebook Group For Live Q&A And Support
✔️ 3-Day In-Person Retreat In San Diego, CA
✔️ 5 Guest Teachers
✔️ Voxer Office Hours Every Week
✔️BONUS: Replays Of The 2022 Guest Educators



When does Root to Rise start?

No. 1

Root to Rise kicks off on January 3, 2023. BUT, you don't have to wait until then to get started - I have you covered! As soon as you join, a few things will happen:
1. You will be added to the Root to Rise private Facebook group, so that the community building can begin.

2. If you choose the pay-in-full option, you will get immediate (and FREE!) access to The Organized Photographer course to help you dive in to preparing your business for our time together.

3. Pay-in-full members will also have access to Sabrina's  schedule for your 1:1 call. Feel free to schedule this call at anytime, even if it's before we officially kick off in January - think of this time together as a jumping-off point for you!

Plus, there will likely be some other good things happening before January 3rd. Trust me: making this commitment to yourself and your business now will give you such peace of mind, knowing that 2023 is poised for incredible growth for you!

What is the weekly time commitment?

No. 2

Honestly, this will vary from person to person. The only "official" commitment will be a 60-75 minute Zoom call every week. Each week, you'll also have an additional opportunity to participate in Voxer office hours, should you need them. We will also be reading one book per month together (audio versions welcome!). Finally, while there won't be official homework assignments, you will definitely find work that needs to be done both personally and in your business.

What are Voxer hours?

No. 3

Voxer is a fabulous app. I am literally obsessed and have daily conversations with my bff through it.

The app is completely free and allows you to send long messages (up to 15 minutes!) directly to someone. I will hold Office Hours weekly where people can pop in and ask me questions and get immediate feedback. These conversations are private and won't be shared with the entire group, unless you and I decide together that they would be beneficial to share.

Of course, if this doesn't sound like your jam, you can totally skip it, as it is not required to participate in Root to Rise.

Will I need to invest in anything else to complete this program successfully?

No. 4

The only definite additional expense you will have is getting yourself to San Diego, CA for the in-person retreat. All your monthly reading materials are included. In addition to all the lodging, food and yoga at the retreat. 

There might be a few things that you are "talked into" getting for yourself or your business, because women are good at sharing their love for things. BUT, these recommendations are optional!

Do I have to commit to both the Mastermind and the In-Person Retreat? Can I just do one or the other?

No. 5

Yes, this experience is meant to be a package deal. Imagine spending a couple months having weekly chats and daily interaction with a small group of women and THEN we get to finally hang out IN PERSON. Yes, it is  epic, and that is exactly how it feels. By the time the retreat rolls round, we are all so comfortable with each other that it makes the experience that much more incredible.

Of course, I understand that there might be an extenuating circumstance here and there. If you feel like this might be you, please reach out to me personally, and we can talk.

Will I get my own room at the retreat?

No. 6

You will definitely get your own bed, but probably not your own room. The room layouts include:

Bedroom 1: 1 King
Bedroom 2: Twin Bunks and Trundle (3 beds)
Bedroom 3: 1 Queen
Bedroom 4: 1 King
Bedroom 5: 1 King
Bedroom 6: 1 Queen
Bedroom 7: 1 King and Twin Daybed
Bedroom 8: 1 King
Bedroom 9: 2 Twin Bunks w/Trundles (6 beds)

Bedroom assignments will be made in order of joining. If you want to attend with a friend and request to be in the same room, just let me know, and I will do my best to accommodate.


Sleep is SUPER important to me that is why I made sure that all sleeping arrangements are true beds, not futons, air mattresses or sleeper sofas.

How do I know if this is the right investment for me?

No. 7

Do any of these apply to you?
  • You have been in business for at least a year or two.
  • You are struggling to balance life and business.
  • You don't think being an entrepreneur is all it is cracked up to be.
  • You aren't creating art that makes your heart happy.
  • You are ready to put in the time and work to build a business and a life that fits your needs.
  • You want to create a business that looks and feels like you and not everyone else.
If so, then Root to Rise is for you!

How is this experience different than old The Organized Photographer course?

No. 8

The Organized Photographer is an online, 6 week course that focuses on different business and marketing principles each week. The Organized Photographer includes one Zoom call per month and is ideal for photographers in all stages of business.

Root to Rise is a 19-week, completely immersive experience. It includes weekly calls, guest speakers, reading 4 books together, an in-person retreat, shooting live sessions together, portfolio reviews, and so much more.

The materials covered in Root to Rise are meant to help you level up your business. This program is not intended for beginners. 

This is a big investment. How do I know it is the right one for my business?

No. 9

You are right - it is a big investment, and I get that it can feel very scary. I have been there before.

In my experience, the more I have invested in something for my business, the higher the return on investment was for me. The very first time I spent thousands of dollars on an educational experience was the year that changed the trajectory of my business. Literally. And after 11 years, that statement still holds true.
When I drop a few hundred dollars on something, I get a little out of it, but when I make a bigger investment, I go all in, and drastic changes are made. Let's chat about if Root to Rise is for you!

Still have questions?

No. 10

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have so you can determine if this experience is right for you! Email me at sabrina@sabrinagebhardt.com, and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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