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continued education for the female photographer
who loves community

What is The Round Table?

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Access to replays when FOMO is real

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A community of like-minded photographers to support you


natasha sewell

It's been a minimum investment with maximum value for me! Three different education experiences every month from guest speakers to behind-the-scenes videos and hot seats where you get mini-mentoring experience. And then there is the community. Sabrina has created this amazing community that seriously become your business BFF's. The Round Table has had a huge impact on my business.

Joining The Round Table is a no-brainer!

mallory shelton

I joined The Round Table when it was first launched. I have been able to gain so much knowledge and information from my business between the teachings, guest speakers and hot seats. Plus it has been a wonderful community of photographers who have become friends and encourage me through my business.

I have gained so much from this wonderful community!

A rotating variety of photography industry and entrepreneur topics to learn about every month.

in the round table, you will find:

a membership group to support your educational growth and build community


Access to Sabrina and Special Guest educators to answer your questions and help with your specific business needs.


A tight-knit, welcoming and inspiring community of female photographers to develop real relationships with.


i want this for $22!

Monthly content rotates between things like guest speakers, behind-the-scenes videos, Hot Seats, live Q&A's and more!

3 pieces of educational content every month!

This group is literally the best. This is your safe space to share wins, share struggles, ask all your questions and have supportive peers chime in to help. This group alone is worth the monthly fee.

Facebook Group Community

Can you ever have too many industry friends? The answer is no. Whether you are new and looking for business besties or you have a group already, you will love these women.

Business BFF's

sold, I want in!

(at Least $300 VALue)

($97 VALue)


SO much for SO little


allison krogness

The scheduling of new information, speakers and tips is presented at a manageable pace. I am able to integrate what I've learned into practice without feeling overwhelmed all at one time.

A great group with valuable information.

Christine Dammann

I turned down my first opportunity to join The Round Table. When I kept hearing about the valuable content and resources the group was getting I had total FOMO and jumped in the next opportunity I had. It's been a great place to learn, grow and keep me motivated.

I kept hearing about the valuable content and resources.

I've been photographing families for almost 12 years. And I believe 100% in community over competition. I want to share everything I have learned over the years and watch you thrive. Truly, this is why I do what I do.

My goal for this membership is two-fold:

1. In-depth, continued education to help your business soar.
2. Community and relationship building.

Basically, I want an excuse to get to know you, be your #1 cheerleader and help your business be the best it can be

Why a membership?



What is the monthly content like?

No. 1

Each month members receive access to 3 unique pieces of content. The content rotates between a variety of offerings including: Live Q&A chats, guest speakers, hot seats, PDFs, behind-the-scenes videos, editing videos, early access to podcast interviews, exclusive discounts and more. Content will be released one month at a time and will be announced for the following month by the 25th of the month prior. 

What is a Hot Seat?

No. 2

A hot seat is the opportunity to volunteer to have a one-on-one conversation about anything in your business. The discussion with Sabrina will be streamed live so that the entire group can benefit from hearing your story. Think about it like listening in on a mini mentoring session.

How are the trainings and materials delivered?

No. 3

Materials will be delivered via email. Trainings will happen via zoom and streamed into the private Facebook group. You will be able to participate in either format. Replays are always available.

Talk to me about the price.

No. 4

The Round Table will be a $22 per month recurring membership. Yes, you read that right. For only $22 you will get 3 unique trainings per month AND a private group of collaborative, like-minded, female photographers.

How long will I have access to the materials and trainings?

No. 5

As long as you remain a paying member, you will have access to everything. 

What is the cancellation policy?

No. 6

You can cancel your membership at any time. Should you leave and then decide that you want to join again, you will have to wait until the next registration opportunity and will have to enroll at whatever the newest rate is. Currently, the plan is to enroll 2x per year but is subject to change. 

Where will the group, training and materials live?

No. 7

Everything in The Round Table will live inside of our private Facebook group.

What if I don't join now and change my mind later?

No. 8

No worries! You will get another invitation to join again in the future when the group opens again for registration. I cannot promise that the rate will stay the same between now and then.

Still have questions?

No. 9

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have so you can determine if this group is right for you! Email me at and I'll get back to you asap.

Fueled by equal part caffeine and joy, I’ve been photographing families for almost 12 years. It wasn't always easy and TBH I made a LOT of mistakes along the way while fumbling to find my place in this industry.

For the past five years I have found a new passion in pouring into other photographers. I know first hand how hard this industry can be and I am on a personal mission to teach others how to avoid burnout, beat overwhelm and thrive.

Let’s Get to know each other

hey friend!


I’m Sabrina Gebhardt

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