because there is so much more to being a photographer than just taking pretty pictures.

an online course for business SUCCESS WITHOUT THE constant OVERWHELM

Tell me more!

feeling stuck

You are tired, stressed and hate feeling like you want to give up on this dream?

Come alongside me and let's do this together!

I understand your overwhelm so deeply. I was once in your shoes. This course is where you should start. I am going to walk alongside you to make sure that you are getting the most out of the lessons. I want you to succeed. You can totally do this. 

yes, this is me

Or your business is growing too fast and you have lost control

You feel like your business isn't moving forward

You're shooting too much and burned out

You're overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid

does this sound familiar?

Imagine what it would feel like if you knew exactly what to do each day to take control and grow your business with intention.

running your photography business would be.

How. Much. Work.

You never realized just

You feel like you are spread too thin

Yes! I need this!

I have been in your shoes and it is not a fun place to be. Let me help you go
from overwhelmed to in control.

Design a marketing strategy for your ENTIRE year

Make social media actually work for you

Clarify your marketing by defining your Ideal Client

Create a calendar that is sustainable and won't lead to burnout

What if i told you that you could...

This is why I created my foundational, step-by-step course, The Organized Photographer.

to walk through the course and make sustainable changes.

You. Will. Be. Able.

In just 3-4 hours per week

Set goals so that you know where you are going and how to get there



Kelly Carlson

This course was a comprehensive guide to the business and marketing aspects of running a photography business. The practical steps and tools given throughout the course are so helpful! This is the first course that I have felt the instructor and others in the course were always willing to help.

A comprehensive guide to the business and marketing.

Amanda Bellan

The Organized Photographer was fantastic! So many great takeaways that I am going to implement that will really impact my business! I loved the bite size lessons within modules. Sabrina is so knowledgeable and made the course fun! Feels like you're working with a friend!

Feels like you're working with a friend!

Stop letting your business run you. Direct it where to go and reach those goals you are dreaming of.

With The Organized Photographer, you will:

A blueprint for productivity and running your business with intention, so you don't have to work

All. The. Time.

TAke control

Right now you are drowning in to-do lists and working all the time. Get into a rhythym that actually gets stuff done and gives you time back.

gain freedom

Learn how to do the things that will actually move the needle. Gain followers, gain clients and make more money.

business growth

I'm ready!

Here's What You'll Learn

Before we dive deep into this course, I want you to do some soul searching and get some much needed clarity. In this pre-module I will walk you through how to determine finding the sweet spot in your business that you will use in every single module in the course. Trust me, this is an incredible place to get started.

Creating Clarity

module 0

Spend your time intentionally, set your office hours and stop working every available hour of the day. No more overbooking yourself!

Master Your Calendar

module 1

In order to grow, you have to know where you are going. In this module you will learn how to set achievable goals for the month, quarter and year. AND develop a strategy to actually reach them.

Goal Setting

module 2

Would you like to spend less time on social media and get better results? In this module you will learn to do just that!

Social Media

module 3

This is your most valuable asset and it deserves more attention than you are giving it. In this module you will learn how to grow your list, what to do with the names on it and how to nurture your list. 

Email Marketing

module 4

I know that this is always at the bottom of the list. But it is important and this module will help you create a strategy that is sustainable.


module 5

In this module, I will help you pull everything together and create a plan for your business moving forward. You will end this course with a deeper understanding of your business, an action plan and most of all, confidence!

Pulling It All Together

module 6

In this bonus you will get ALL the tools you need to have the most successful fall busy season ever! Including a planning calendar, email and social media swipe files, an audio training on creating your sustainable schedule this fall, canva graphics to use on Instagram, cheat sheets, AND MORE!

($300 VALue)

Plus a very valuable bonus:

Yep, I'm in!

Fall Success Kit

Stop letting your business run you. Direct it where to go and reach those goals you are dreaming of.

Bite-sized lessons taking you through the course, start-to-finish

Right now you are drowning in to-do lists and working all the time. Get into a rhythym that actually gets stuff done and gives you time back.

Facebook Group Community

Printable worksheets and guides that will help you work through the content and actually move the needle. Use these to stay on track and keep you focused.



($297 VALue)

($297 VALue)

($97 VALue)

There is MORE!

Cheyenne Morris

Sabrina’s course genuinely transformed my business. Partly because it gave me confidence to take my business by the reigns and make the changes from “side hustle” to “legitimate business”. But also because she gave me the tools to lay the foundation for a successful photography business. I took her course in the summer of 2020 and by Fall 2020 I was the BUSIEST I have ever been. Definitely not a coincidence. This is, hands down, the best investment you’ll make in your business.

Hands down, the best investment you'll make in your business.


The course is 6 weeks from start to finish. While you will have access to the entire course immediately upon registration, I do recommend starting from the beginning and tackling one module per week. This helps you build a solid foundation and work through the course at a manageable pace. You need to make sure you leave time for the weekly Q&A discussion in the private Facebook group. All in all, if you carve out about 2-3 hours per week, you should be able to stay on top of the lessons.


Everything is online!


Fueled by equal part caffeine and joy, I’ve been photographing families for almost 12 years. It wasn't always easy and TBH I made a LOT of mistakes along the way while fumbling to find my place in this industry.

For the past five years I have found a new passion in pouring into other photographers. I know first hand how hard this industry can be and I am on a personal mission to teach others how to avoid burnout, beat overwhelm and thrive.

Let’s Get to know each other

hey friend!


I’m Sabrina Gebhardt

There has never been a better time to confidently build a business that you love.

✔️ Complete Organized Photographer course
✔️ Facebook group for live Q&A and support
✔️ Worksheets for accountability
✔️ BONUS: Intentional Social Media
✔️ BONUS: Optimize Your Flo
✔️ BONUS: Setting Expectations Training
✔️ BONUS: Pricing Mindset Training
✔️ BONUS: Fall Success Kit

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If you don't act, nothing will change.
6 months from now,
you’ll wish you had started today!

+ get organized!


mallory shelton

The Organized Photographer course was a great business tool as I go full-time with my photography business. It is wonderful to have Sabrina to guide me as I better my business while meeting and connecting with other photographers across the country. The course is broken down into weekly modules with a Q&A. Sabrina has broken down the course in bits that I can begin to implement into my business and that are attainable!

A great tool to help me go full-time.

myra kushon

If you are feeling stuck, needing inspiration, or just need a positive push to get moving on your business then take this course. Each module gave me ideas and things to mull over for my business. The advice is practical and offered so many lightbulb moments for me. Loved this course and Sabrina so much!

Practical advice and lightbulb moments.



How long do I have access to the course?

No. 1

You will have lifetime access to the course. You will have access to the private Facebook group for 8 weeks. 

When does the course start and finish?

No. 2

The course officially starts when you join because you will have access to everything immediately. There will be monthly live calls and you will have lifetime access to the course materials and Facebook group.

How is this course delivered?

No. 3

Upon registration, you will gain access to the course portal. All of the modules will be unlocked immediately. Each module includes several lessons. Each lesson will have a video along with worksheets or pdfs to help you walk through and make changes as you go.

What if I am not even officially in business yet? Will I really get anything out of it?

No. 4

Absolutely! I have taught these same principles to many people over the years before they even opened their business. Every single one of them was so thankful to have such a solid foundation laid before starting their business. 

Will I need to invest in anything else for this course in order to get my business organized and running with intention?

No. 5

You don't have to invest in anything else to be successful. But you might want to consider the following to help you through the course: a notebook, a written planner and a large annual wall calendar. 

I am so overwhelmed that I don't even know how I can manage the time and energy for this course. Are you sure I can handle this?

No. 6

Ok first of all, I get it. I have been in your shoes before. The overwhelm you are feeling now is EXACTLY why I really want you to take this course. I want to help you move past feeling this way. I have designed the course so that you only get one module per week. The entire reason I have organized the course this way is so that you don't get overwhelmed with content. Just take it one step at a time, work through the course one lesson at a time and you will make real progress in 6 weeks. You can definitely do this.

My business is brand new and this course is a bit of an investment for me. Will it really be worth it?

No. 7

I know how expensive starting a business is. I also know that this course will pay for itself over and over again. I know that it will change your business for the better. Could you commit to skipping Starbucks for a couple months to pay for the course? Could you shoot two extra sessions to pay for the course? If you can find a way to come up with the funds, I know you won't regret it. 

Will you be available and accessible to answer questions if I get stuck?

No. 8

I want you to be successful and will be readily available to help students work through the course via the monthly live Q&A's. I will also respond to questions in the private Facebook group.

Still have questions?

No. 9

I'm happy to answer any questions you may have so you can determine if this course is right for you! Email me at and I'll get back to you asap.

Can you really afford to keep running your business the same way as you have been? For less than $500 you can implement the changes you desperately need to make to ensure growth and change this year. And walk away with a new community of industry friends. Talk about  a win-win.

see actual business growth this year.

Don't. Put. This. Off. 


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