So many female creative entrepreneurs struggle with being vulnerable in their messaging. While being vulnerable is what helps you stand apart from the crowd, feelings of fear and imposter syndrome often hold business owners back. In today’s episode, I’m chatting with copy extraordinaire Sara Gillis about what we can do to move past that fear […]

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Do you love January energy like I do? I love the newness, the fresh start, and the clean slate. As this episode airs, you may have already set your goals for the year. You may have even already abandoned them. No matter where you are in the process of achieving your current goals, I’m here […]

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Today’s episode is inspired by a training I created for my membership group, The Round Table. The women in this group were curious about what to do in their slow season; how to maximize their time, determine what work to prioritize, and how to best set themselves up for when the busy season inevitably came […]

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One of the most frequent questions I get is about what kind of planning system I use and how I manage to run my business without getting overwhelmed. In today’s episode, I’m speaking with my friend Maddie Peshong about why that question is so much more than just a matter of a digital vs. paper […]

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In today’s episode, I’m discussing what is likely to happen as you decide what it is that you truly want this year. You’re likely to dance between both excitement and fear. In this motivational chat, I’m wanting to encourage you to listen to your intuition in order to move past the fear and consider what […]

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Here we are at the start of a brand new year, and I have to ask – what do you want this year? Before you hit the ground running with work again, get clear on what you want for your business this year; whether that be more time, more bookings, or even more sustainability. In […]

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In today’s episode, I’m inviting you to take a pause and reflect. What were some of your highlights of the last year? What were some moments you loved, things that went well, and what was it that filled your cup? I’m taking a moment to look back on some of the best parts of my […]

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You’ve made it to the end of the year and the holiday rush is over. As you step out of a season of hustle, it can be a challenge to allow our bodies and minds to truly rest. In this episode, I’m sharing my four key tips that will help you shift from hustle to […]

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As an entrepreneur, how do you find the right balance between hustle and rest? In today’s episode, I interview my dear friend and personal mentor Kate Kordsmeier, a creative coach for women in business who are building careers that align with their hearts and souls. Kate is here to share her own backstory and incredible […]

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Fall busy season is officially over, and while I’m sure that many of us are ready to step away from our cameras for a few weeks, there is one thing that I’m going to ask you to do beforehand to set yourself up for success next year. In today’s episode, I’m sharing a few key […]

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