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Picking out tools and resources that actually make your life better can be pretty tricky. In the process of trying to find what truly will move the needle in YOUR unique business, it's way too easy to throw a lot of money down the drain.

When I find something that is life-changing in my business or becomes part of my daily routine, I love to share it with the world. I'm not about hoarding secrets over here.

Consider this list a text thread with your bestie -  I'm sharing ALL of the best stuff in hopes that you find some new favorites, too!

My business was successful on paper, but I was completely miserable.

The easiest and most beautiful newsletter platform out there. This platform allows for segmenting, multiple lists, freebie delivery, sequences and so much more. And did I mention that it is super duper easy? Click below to get 50% off your subscription!

email marketing


I use these things every single day and couldn't run my business without them!

Business Tools

The best CRM (Client Relationship Manager) out there. I use Dubsado every single day in my business and literally could not function without it. If you are looking to switch to a new CRM or set one up for the first time, Dubsado is the platform for you. Use code: ‘sgplovesdubsado’ to save 20% off your first month OR year if you choose an annual plan!



I LOVE this scheduling platform so much. It is CRAZY easy to setup, allows you to use your beautiful images and gets clients booked faster! #winning



I cannot speak highly enough about The Image Salon. I have been outsourcing my editing with them for YEARS and they literally save me at LEAST 40 hours per month. No, that is not an exaggeration. Imagine what you could do with that much time. Shoot more? Pick up a hobby? Play with your kids? Brunch with friends? Do absolutely nothing? My favorite part is their onboarding process and how they ensure the editing is done the way you want.

Image Salon

Things I use that save me hours and HOURS of time on editing every single week.


Um, this system culls for you! I know, #mindblown. It is a super affordable platform that you pay for once a year and sit back and let the system cull for you! The ai software culls based on blurry images, blinks, technical errors, etc. Now, I DO still cull in Photomechanic (below). But, I use AfterShoot as my first pass. The beauty is that while it is culling, I am doing something else! AfterShoot gets my images cut in half and then I take the remainders into Photomechanic for a quick final cull before editing. Click below to save 10%!


If you are going to cull images yourself, this is the FASTEST platform out there. It is INCREDIBLY faster than culling in Lightroom or ACR. The beautiful thing is that it is a one-time fee, and the program is downloaded onto your computer. Trust me, this is an investment you need because you will save so many dang hours waiting on images to load when culling.


Who doesn't love a good podcast binge? If you love practical conversations and actionable steps to better your business or your life right away, then you will love the Shoot it Straight Podcast.

Like coffee with your business bestie 

listen now

Shoot it Straight Podcast

This is a new tool in my toolbox that I am fairly obsessed with. This has become my daily tracker and to-do list. It keeps me focused on big-picture goals while also staying on top of the daily to-do list. I map out each week in advance to make sure I am working on the things that will actually move the needle in my business. If you have not tried one yet, I highly recommend it, especially if you feel like you constantly have a million things going on in your head.

Full Focus Planner

I love just about everything Emily Ley does. Her planners are lovely and simple. Her printable wall calendar is my FAVE. I have read every book she has written. She creates things so intentionally that for anyone balancing motherhood and being an entrepreneur, her products are a great fit. 

Simplified by Emily Ley

Whether you love goal-setting or you struggle to meet your goals, Cultivate Planner PowerSheets are a complete game changer. Plus they are beautifully crafted and pretty to look at all year. This tool has made me hit more goals, faster, than anything else. Trust me, you need this!

Cultivate Planner Powersheets

I love all things planning and goal setting, and these tools help me reach my business and personal goals.

Planning and Goal Setting

If you are ready to become a course creator and use the Kartra platform, this course is 100% where you should start. I learned everything about Kartra from this course with Louise Henry, and I cannot recommend it enough. Save $500 with THIS LINK!!!

Scale with Kartra

This course by Annemie Tonken will change the way you price your offers. Annemie has created a system to make your more money and sell more beautiful products on autopilot. Yep, game-changer. Use the code ‘SABRINAGEBHARDT’ to save $100 off your registration.

Simple Sales System

Everything you need to know about installing and setting up Dubsado to work for you. Colie James teaches this course and if you are using Dubsado, this is a MUST. The code “SABRINAGEBHARDT” saves you $100 at checkout!

CRM Blueprint

If you are looking for help in these areas, I have personally taken these courses and stand behind each one. 


You know you need to discover the big-picture vision of your business and your LIFE, and you're ready to shed the "shoulds" that every other successful photographer is following. In this online course, learn how to cast your unique vision and transform your business into one that's aligned with YOUR version of success.

define the business vision on your heart

Expand Your Photography Business

get ready to craft a business you love

The Aligned Photographer

If you are ready to create an online course OR you want a substantial platform to host email funnels, leads, courses, memberships and all-the-things, Kartra is the platform for you. It is a BEAST of a platform, but it does so dang much. I use it for the educational side of my business, and I freaking love it. 


This is my go to place to rent gear from. If you have never rented photography gear, you are really missing out. Anytime I am considering buying a new piece of equipment, I rent first and consider it a test drive before making a major purchase. Another time that I love to rent gear is before I travel. Taking personal trips with my family is the perfect time to try out fun equipment that I might not otherwise experience. Click below to save $25 off your first rental.


You cannot store all your images on your computer or even an external hard drive. You NEED something off-site to be safe. Backblaze is my go-to because it runs in the background automatically, and I don’t have to do a thing. Easy peasy.


Every legal document that your photography business could ever need is here. This is a lawyer turned photographer who has created templates and courses to get your business legal. Trust me, this is so much easier and more efficient than hiring an attorney to do it for you, and it is WAY safer than skipping contracts all together!


Other things that have made a difference in my photography business and that I recommend to everyone.

Other Tools

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. That means I get a small commission if you purchase through this link! I make it a point to only share tools and resources I truly love and use. 

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