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Testimonials from Alumni of The aligned Photographer

“I increased my revenue by 250% this year! I know it was from The Aligned Photographer because I did the course at the beginning of the year!”
- Amy Hogan

“Sabrina’s course genuinely transformed my business. Partly because it gave me confidence to take my business by the reigns and make the changes from “side hustle” to “legitimate business”. But also because she gave me the tools to lay the foundation for a successful photography business. I took her course in the summer of 2020 and by Fall 2020 I was the BUSIEST I have ever been. Definitely not a coincidence. This is, hands down, the best investment you’ll make in your business.”
- Cheyenne Morris

”If you are feeling stuck, needing inspiration, or just need a positive push to get moving on your business then take this course. Each module gave me ideas and things to mull over for my business. The advice is practical and offered so many lightbulb moments for me. Loved this course and Sabrina so much!”
- Myra Kushon

“I wanted to tell you how much your course has impacted me and my business so far. It’s given me clarity and confidence. I feel like I’ve started the next chapter of what started as a side hustle and has turned into an actual thing. Thank you for the time and effort you put into creating a professional, easy to walk through, and information packed course. Thank you for setting aside time to meet personally with us. Thank you for being available to answer questions and for daily posting in our group to try and cultivate a community for us.”
 - Alli Tompkins

“My honest opinion is that I wish I had your course when I was first starting out. I amount of info I learned was insane. Even though I’ve been in business for 4 years, I had no real, organized foundation or method to the madness. I’ve taken the last several months to basically build my business from the ground up and start fresh. All the tools you gave us made it very manageable and easy to follow. You literally took all the guess work out and to help us set our businesses up in a way that works for us.”
- Kathleen Pieratt

“This course was a comprehensive guide to the business and marketing aspects of running a photography business. The practical steps and tools given throughout the course are so helpful! This is the first course that I have felt the instructor and others in the course were always willing to help.”
-Kelly Carlson

“Sabrina's courses have given me so much in my photography journey. I've received recommendations that have helped me position myself more professionally, raise my rates and smooth out and speed up my workflow. I have gotten real, measurable results from Sabrina's suggestions and guidance, in a record amount of time. Moreover, the group has given me a community of like-minded photographer friends who have served as a safe and supportive space - not easy to find as a solo practitioner or small business owner. In short, friends - run, don't walk - to diving into continuing education with Sabrina Gebhardt. She says this often and I'm here to tell you this is true - your future self will thank you”.
 - Kate Wark

“The Aligned Photographer was fantastic! So many great takeaways that I am going to implement that will really impact my business! I loved the bite size lessons within modules. Sabrina is so knowledgeable and made the course fun! Feels like you're working with a friend! ”
- Amanda Bellan

“Before beginning Sabrina's course, I knew I wanted 2020 to be the year to take my business seriously, but I had no idea how to actually make that a reality. I was tired of giving away my service and talent for nothing (or next to nothing), but didn't have the concrete steps in place to formalize my business in the ways it needed. Sabrina's course coincided with lockdowns in my state due to the pandemic, and I was gifted the time to focus on the bones of my business - identifying my ICA (had never done that before!), how to maximize social media, organization, client management... the list goes on. The more I learned the more I realized I didn't know, and the more thankful I was to be guided by someone with the experience and know-how that Sabrina has. Despite the very real difficulties we've all faced this year, 2020 has blown away all my previous years combined (it's not even close) as far as income and professionalism. I still have a long way to go, but I now have the tools and framework to continue to improve and grow my business to what I want it to be. Oh, I'm also a full time, homeschooling mom to 4 young kids, so the tenets Sabrina teaches work for anyone - not just "that random photographer" who is single, has tons of time, and her own studio. If I can do it, anyone can, but I know that wouldn't be even close to possible without Sabrina's course.”
- Meredith White

“My experience with The Aligned Photographer is going to take my business to the next level! Sabrina is an open book when it comes to her business and what she has experienced over her 10+ years in photography. She helps you think about the hard questions and plan for success a while creating a community for photographers.”
- Mallory Shelton

“I wish this course was available before I started my business years ago. There is a lot of information that we all tend to skip over when we are new in business and excited to get going. Then burn out happens quickly when we don't have a plan & the reality of life & family kicks in and how little time we have left for ourselves to keep the fire burning. This course helped me remember WHY I started this business so many years ago and never seemed to get off the ground. NOW I have a plan and many new goals. I am so thankful for you Sabrina Gebhardt!”
- Pamela Wandrey

“If you are feeling a little lost, don't know where to start, or are floundering in your photography business this course is the best way to gain all the tools you need to be a successful, organized entrepreneur. Don't overthink it, just jump in and do it! There is SO much immediately actionable items, and as Sabrina says constantly, "It doesn't have to be perfect. Just get it done." One of the great things about this course is that you can take it at your pace, be part of a supportive group, and receive timely answers to your immediate questions.”
-Sarah Hess

“Working with Sabrina has been an absolute delight. She’s super down to earth and relatable, especially coming from one mom to another. She has taken from her past experiences and made them work in her current world which inspires me to do the same. Not only could you use these lessons in the photography business but just about any entrepreneurship would benefit.”
- Taryn Johnson

“A great photography business course that helps lay down a foundation for what you need to be successful.”
-Jamie Lee Morel

“The Aligned Photographer was genuinely eye opening... not only did I get what I needed out of this course (a clear plan of how to keep the MILLIONS of things a business owner has to do going) but I also got things out of it that I didn't even KNOW that I needed. Including some REAL hearty realizations of how my burnout is just around the corner if I don't make some changes to lighten my load. It was such a great, in-depth course and it gave me TONS to work on to better the flow of my business!”
-Cara Burke

“I have taken a lot of online photography classes, and I have loved all of them, but this one was the class with the most material, by far, and at the same price point of the others! It's such a great value. It also has such potential to help me increase my income, because the action steps Sabrina provides are clear, achievable, and effective.”
-Lauren Benesh

“The Aligned Photographer was a kick you in the ass experience, in the best way. Hard kick to learn exactly how much I really didn't know about business. It's humbling, but Sabrina is so good that you don't feel like a total idiot for your lack of knowledge. She delivers a swift and thorough lift to your business acumen, which I needed quite desperately. It felt great to learn it with other photographers who also needed her help. Now, I feel more confident and professional moving forward. She's like a bestie who tells you when your jeans are too tight but delivers the information with love and zero shaming. We all need that person in our lives!”
-Shannon Lange

“This course was like kind of like a book club. Going through the modules was easy and informative and left me excited to get the work done. The weekly chat sessions were the fun part! Also incredibly valuable. I was a photographer just winging in when it came to running the business behind the scenes and now I feel like I have a plan with achievable goals!” -Alyssa Charboneau

“Working with Sabrina has always been a goal of mine so I was very excited when she began to offer classes. I couldn’t have imagined the amount of insightful and valuable material she would cover each week. Her lessons challenged me weekly to inspect a new part of my business in order to revamp it into a more meaningful and impactful purpose. The weekly group debrief was great feedback and provided even more opportunities for improvement and enhancement. I am happy to put together all this new knowledge in order to create a better well thought out product and business for my client. Thank you Sabrina for sharing your gift with the rest of us!”- Jennifer Pondillo