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I can’t be the only one already making my list of shopping ideas for Black Friday! In case you are on the hunt too, I thought I would share some things that are great to snag when all the holiday sales kick off!

Here are some items that I have grabbed in past years or are currently in my cart.

These are all things that I absolutely adore as a professional photographer and 99% of them can be considered write-offs. (insert praise hands) So, enjoy some guilt free shopping and spend some of those profits from your busy fall.

Happy Shopping!

  1. Cards!

    Whether you use XQD, CF or SD cards, Black Friday is a great time to stock up! I always grab a bunch of new cards on Black Friday for the new year.

  2. Full Focus Planner

    This creation from Michael Hyatt is a goal setters dream. Okay, even if you have never successfully become a goal setter before, using this on a daily basis helps you build that practice. I highly recommend snagging one and trying it out for the first quarter of 2022.

  3. Cultivate Planner

    Yes, this might seem a little repetitive to the Full Focus planner but they work in a different way that I really feel like compliments one another. I use the Cultivate Planner as more of a big-picture plan and the Full focus planner as a daily guide.

  4. Simplified Planner

    While we are talking about goal setting and planning, I can’t not mention my daily baby, the Simplified Planner by Emily Ley. I use this as a running to-do list and it lives right by my laptop. Plus I have read all her books and listen to her podcast. (putting it into the universe that I get to photograph her family someday!)

  5. Webcam

    With all the zoom meetings and online content creation, having a good webcam makes all the difference. I bought this one earlier in the year and I am obsessed with it. Plus it is already on sale!

  6. Macbook Pro

    When is the last time you upgraded your computer? It had been about 7 years for me and so this fall, I treated myself to a new MacBook Pro. And it is the greatest. The price tag is stiff but it is a total write off and makes my job so much easier.

  7. Hunter Boots

    An outdoor photographers best friend. Water resistant. Bug resistant. Mud resistant. All the things. Plus they last forever and ever. I have had mine for at least 6 years and they are still in perfect shape.

  8. New camera

    Black Friday is a PERFECT time to buy a new camera body. I have been on this one for almost 2 years and still love it so much. I am getting a second one this Christmas!

  9. New lens

    You worked hard this year and while a new lens is definitely a write-off for a professional, it is also considered a fun new toy. This one is always and forever my favorite.

  10. Speaker for Sessions

    These are perfect to get your outdoor family clients dancing and playing during their sessions. I am getting one in my stocking this year!

  11. Dubsado!

    They have a HUGE Black Friday sale every year and if you have been waiting to jump into the best CRM out there, NOW is your time. I have been a loyal Dubsado user for several years now and I absolutely won’t use anything else. Use THIS LINK to stack discounts. You will get whatever their Black Friday promo is AND 20% off using my link!!!

  12. Camera Bag

    I have had this backpack for years and love it WAY better than any of the “pretty” bags out there. You know the ones. This one is lightweight. Travels great. Fits my Macbook pro and is just so easy that I am slightly obsessed.

  13. New Desk Chair

    I have had this gorgeous chair from Anthropologie for almost 5 years now and I am still obsessed. It is so beautiful to look at but also, more importantly, SUPER comfortable. It swivels. It reclines. It is adjustable. The seat is the perfect blend of soft and firm. (My chair is fuschia. This one is a green color. Fyi, they almost always have this chair in a variety of colors. So if you don’t love what they have now, just wait a hot minute)

  14. Desk Riser

    I have had this for a couple weeks now and I am OBSESSED (mine has the white top). Why did I wait so long to buy the dang thing? It is super easy to adjust so I can stand. And then lower it and sit. And then stand again. This thing makes being at my desk all day so much better on my hip and back!

  15. Continued Education

    Have you decided what kind of education you will invest in next year? Whether it be a course, a mastermind, a retreat or conference… you need to do something. Lots of photographers are currently sharing their educational opportunities now and many of them happen in the first quarter. Start doing your research if you haven’t already.

  16. Neck Relief

    Whether your house gets cold in the winter or you get neck and shoulder pain from long hours spent editing, this is a dream. Warm. Weighted. Neck and shoulder focused. Just trust me.

Yes, there are some affiliate links listed above. It did, after all, take me time to write this post and gather all the links. I know you understand.

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