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The best photographers I know never stop learning, and they take education very seriously. And, if you’re reading this, I know you’re one of them. But have you ever attended an in person photography workshop?

Maybe you’re just dipping your toe into the educational waters, and have purchased a few downloadable worksheets or videos, and are learning on your own time. Maybe you’re part of a mastermind or peer group, and have access to a small-but-mighty online community of fellow photogs, where you can learn and grow with each other. Maybe, in these Covid times, you’ve even invested in one-on-one mentorship by Zoom with a photographer you admire. 

There is value in of these educational experiences. But, my friends, I can promise you from my years working as a photographer and educator, that an in person photography workshop is the best form of photography education of ALL. 


a group of photographers at an in person workshop photographing a family at home
Photography Education | 4 Reasons Why An In Person Photography Workshop is the BEST | Sabrina Gebhardt 3

1. See with your own eyes

Photographers are nothing if not visual creatures. During an in-person workshop, you get to see your educator in action. Most of the time, workshops include at least one photography session, where you can learn from your teacher in real time, with real (human!) clients and other students who are shooting alongside you. Every person around you presents an unforgettable opportunity to see, with your own eyes, how someone else you admire is approaching light, composition, posing and how they’re interacting with the clients. As solo entrepreneurs, this is a gift worth giving to yourself.

2. Hands-on help

An in-person workshop gives you opportunities to get your hands dirty and try things you may not have the opportunity to try at home. Not only that, but your educator can observe you IN REAL TIME and help course correct and make suggestions as needed. So often while working, we’re so in the moment, and we’re completely alone – constructive criticism simply doesn’t exist when you’re flying solo on a session. Being in-person gives you all the opportunities to try new techniques under your teacher’s watchful eye – and then bring that knowledge home with you. 

group of female family photographers at an in person workshop
Photography Education | 4 Reasons Why An In Person Photography Workshop is the BEST | Sabrina Gebhardt 4

3. Questions answered

An in-person workshop is like an all-access pass to your favorite educator, and your photography peers. You’re not only allowed, but you’re encouraged to ask them all the questions that you have and can’t get answered when you’re working in your own silo. On top of that, in person photography workshops are truly a no judgment zone: everyone brings their own experiences, strengths and challenges to the table, and your educator is there to help. 

4. Friendships are forged

Lastly, this final reason may have the least to do with photography, but it’s arguably the most game-changing. An in person photography workshop is the best opportunity there is to make friends in this industry. If you’ve been working in photography for a minute, you know the competition can be cutting at times.

But an in person workshop is the perfect antidote for that. It’s where you can let go, let your guard down, and make bonds with fellow photographers that would take YEARS to make in an exclusively virtual format (I’m looking at you, Instagram). Actually, there’s simply no replacement for traveling with a group of women to a beautiful place and learning from someone you collectively admire. It’s where community is built and lifelong friends are forged. And who doesn’t want that?

Are you interested in photography education? If so, I’d love to chat! Please reach out anytime to talk about the offerings. 

If you are interested in an in person workshop THIS summer, I have one that might be just right for you. Check out The Magic of Indoors workshop details HERE.

Want to get on a waitlist for the next time I host an in person photography workshop? You can do that HERE.


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