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Portfolio on Purpose

•You're not getting the kinds of inquiries you want. This can be a clear sign that your current portfolio isn't attracting your ideal client

•You're feeling bored and uninspired. Creatives NEED to create to stay out of burnout. It's easy to skip creating for fun when bogged down with work from paying clients.

•If want to break into a new niche or launch a new offer, you need to show your audience examples.

•You want to try a new technique, style or setup.  Model calls are the perfect place to try new things and just play without the pressure of a paying client.

 is for you if:

• Video training teaching you the exact framework I have used to transform my business and the businesses of my students.

• A peek inside my own CRM process and workflow with step-by-step instructions on how to recreate it for your business

• Suggestions for your questionnaire and model contracts

What's included:

Portfolio on Purpose


A framework for boosting your portfolio quickly so you can reach your ideal clients and make more money

• A marketing checklist to make sure you know how and where to find these incredible models

• A prep guide to ensure that both you AND the models are prepared to maximize your creative process

Before & Afters



                         wanted to gain confidence with posing familes in a way that captured connection.


                         wanted to improve her use of light in homes while also working on capturing genuine connection.

Real images from photographers who have utilized the portfolio on purpose process

                         wanted to work on her posing and use of light during in-home newborn sessions.







I’m Sabrina! I’ve been photographing families for well over a decade, and after building the photography business of my dreams, I now help photographers do the same.

But like many business owners, once I experienced what “success” felt like – memory cards that were always full and an editing queue was stacked sky-high – it didn’t take long before what I felt on the inside didn't match what success looked like on paper.  After a LOT of work on myself and my business, I came out the other side, honing my version of success with my business in a better place than I ever imagined. 

Let me teach you how to  level-up your business by putting what matters first.

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I’m Sabrina Gebhardt