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Sooooo, last fall I started offering a gorgeous custom album to all my clients who book either a full family or newborn session. I shared this through my newsletter and then never mentioned anything here. Oops. It is a total shame too since I took these pictures to show off how beautiful these albums are. So, here it is.

The cover material and color are up to the client but I will do the rest of the designing on my own. That way you don’t have to think about page layouts and image choices. I will put together your story and have it shipped right to your door!

There is something so magical about having your images printed to hold in your hand. In my home, we are obsessed with albums. We have all our sessions in albums. All our family trips in albums. Our family story lies in photographs that my kids can flip through and look at on a daily basis. Sure, having the images to splash all over social media is nice but having them in your hands to touch is so very special. I am thrilled to be offering this to my clients this year.


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