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Photographing 1-year olds is tricky business. They are mobile. They are busy. They know what they want and you have no control over it. Now, imagine two of them…. Yea. You feel me don’t you?

Yes, photographing twins isn’t for the faint of heart. But it is awesome. And it will keep you on your toes. And I love every second of it.

I was lucky enough to photograph these two handsome fellas when they were brand new and it was definitely a favorite session of mine. I mean, just look at how precious they were during that shoot.  When mom contacted me to photograph them at home one more time to document their birthday, I was ecstatic. And I could not wait to see how much these two had grown.

When I arrived, my jaw dropped and my heart was reminded that babies don’t keep. They are so big. And even cuter than ever (if that is even possible!). We spent the session playing and exploring around the house- two favorite things of most 1-year olds. There was no agenda for the session. Just to document them. Just as they are. Which sounds completely perfect because, like I said before, babies don’t keep and documenting them at home is a perfect way to preserve these memories forever.


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