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Photographers need a CRM and it should be Dubsado.

Because why would you want to use anything but the best CRM for photographers? There, I said it.


Okay but seriously, if you are new in business you might still be winging your client details… Maybe you have a google doc with common emails and a spreadsheet with client contact information and invoice balances.


Honestly, most people start off this way. And, if you are organized, it works. Until it doesn’t anymore.


At some point, a photographers business takes off and and falls over the tipping point. The steady inquiries are coming in. There is a slew of client management to do and honestly, you are probably starting to lose track of things.


Enter a client relationship manager, or CRM


Within a CRM you store all the client information… appointments, contracts, questionnaires, invoices and emails. PLUS, and this is honestly the best part, you get to both create workflows for easy organization AND you can automate a lot.

Read between the lines here and see that workflows, automations and organized client data equals

TONS. Of. Saved. Time. 


Not to mention…

  • Getting paid quick.
  • Not forgetting sessions.
  • Booking clients faster and more seamlessly.
  • And spending less time at your computer.


Sounds dreamy right?


This is where Dubsado comes in. It is honestly the best CRM for photographers. Why?


I mean, first of all, they are the prettiest and have the capability to customize the most. And as visual artists, that should be an important part of the puzzle. Because in a visual business, looks do matter.


Custom colors and branding are a given with most CRMs but want to include gorgeous images or even VIDEO inside your forms and workflows… yep, Dubsado can do that.


Plus, let’s talk about #teamDubsado and the customer service. Y’all it is SO good.


They are fast to respond. They are FULL of helpful tips and tricks. AND, when in doubt, they are happy to do stuff for you when you get really stuck. FOR. FREE. Yep, I am dead serious.


Here’s the thing, I know how much customer service matters. And personally, I will ALWAYS pay more for a better experience. Always. No questions asked. It is exactly why I refuse to deal with some brands and companies… because their service is horrible. And in my mind, It is just never worth it to save a few bucks.


So, now that I have convinced you to run to Dubsado for all your CRM needs, let me introduce you to my friend and CRM expert, Colie James.


dubsado is the best crm for photographers and colie james is an automation and systems expert and specializes in dubsado setups for photographers and creative entrepreneurs
Photography Education | Dubsado is the Best CRM for Photographers in 2023 | Sabrina Gebhardt 3

Colie knows stuff. She is super analytical. And has incredible ideas and vision. Plus she just gets tech.


When I need to talk through strategy, I call Colie.


When I have tech questions, I call Colie.


And when I want to do something new in Dubsado, I call Colie because she has been given the incredible title of Dubsado Certified Specialist by the company!


So, why I am telling you about my friend in the middle of this chat about Dubsado (the best CRM for photographers)?


Because Colie offers EVERYTHING you might need to either get your brand new Dubsado account setup OR maximize your existing account that is being underutilized.

Want to know what her current and past students have said about their experience learning from Colie?

The most commonly said things are that Colie is “resourceful, accessible and helpful”. Plus Colie “loves to help her students work through the customizations that are important to them”.


Want to know something else?


I have taken Colie’s self-paced course, the CRM Blueprint, and I 100% agree with the rest of the students.


You see, I had been a Dubsado user for several years before taking Colie’s course. I KNEW I wasn’t taking advantage of everything the platform had to offer but I also didn’t have the bandwidth to figure it all out.


Enter Colie’s course.


colie james is a certified dubsado specialist and can get any photographer setup with the best crm
Photography Education | Dubsado is the Best CRM for Photographers in 2023 | Sabrina Gebhardt 4

Colie breaks down each step in a way that makes total sense and allows you to watch the video, make the changes and move on to the next section. The course is FULL of videos, templates, and examples that make it SO EASY to maximize your Dubsado experience. Which also means your client experience will go way up.

I walked through her entire course the CRM Blueprint, start to finish, in a couple weeks!

Hopefully at this point I have talked you into both Dubsado and Colie’s CRM course. But, I don’t want to leave this post without mentioning one last thing.


If you are thinking to yourself, okay, Dubsado sounds completely perfect But I don’t have the time in my calendar to take the course and set it up on my own. Lucky for you, that is where Colie’s VIP day setup comes in.


Colie offers a service where she sets up your brand new Dubsado account, from start to finish, in ONE DAY. Yes, you read that right.


When you hire her for this service, you hop on a call with her to determine exactly what your needs are (and if you aren’t sure, she helps you figure them out!). Then you spend a few days gathering all the things she needs- branding stuff, emails, pricing, images, etc.


When your VIP day comes along, Colie takes all your “stuff” and gets it Into Dubsado and built out exactly the way you want and that will serve your business and clients best.

Can you even imagine, going from not being a Dubsado user at all- disorganized, losing clients, dropping payments, and being kind of a mess- to clean, seamless, organized and intentional in Dubsado in ONE DAY? 


  • That means serving those new leads really well with intentional workflows.
  • That means gathering client information quickly and easily.
  • That means getting paid in seconds.
  • That means elevated client experience from first touch.
  • That means less time at your computer because things are automated!
  • That means more time to shoot and make more money. OR more time to play.

Y’all, Dubsado & Colie James are the winning combination. And whether you decide to set it up on your own with her self-paced course or left Colie take the reins, you are going to be thrilled. In fact, I imagine you will be kicking yourself for not doing it sooner.


Want to know about Colie or Dubsado? I am happy to chat. Just shoot me an email and I will be totally honest with ya.

Oh and if you are ready to make the leap to Dubsado but you still totally want to try DIY’ing it, Colie has an awesome FREE guide to get you going. You can grab her FREE Dubsado Quick Start guide HERE.


Before you leave, don’t miss out of some awesome discounts below!


❤️Save 20% when you join Dubsado with THIS link.

Sign up for Colie’s course, the CRM Blueprint, HERE and use code “SABRINAGEBHARDT” to save 10%!

Sign up for Colie’s VIP day Dubsado setup HERE (tell Colie I referred you!)

Legal Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.


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