Mama, I can handle your chaotic household. I promise. Yes, even if you have a bunch of kids. Yes, even if you have a bunch of animals. Yes, even if your house is a mess. Yes, even if your baby is a bit fussy. Yes, even if your toddler is a hot mess. Yes, even […]

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You have dreamed of welcoming your new baby and all the little details that go along with that dream. You have planned a nursery and packed a hospital bag. You went through tons and tons and tons of baby names. You have been reading books about newborn care. You have purchased all the little. tiny. […]

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Modern portraiture. Clean lines. Simplicity allowing your child to be the star of the image. From the images shown here I hope you can see where my heart is with these portraits. I want your child’s personality to be the star of the show.  Ideally, I want you to let your child pick what they […]

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Consider this a love letter to my accountability group, easily one of the best things to come out of 2020. Three of us came together because we were on the same journey toward creating a digital course and we wanted to hold each other accountable in the process. Originally, we planned to have a chat […]

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2020 was definitely hard, but there were absolutely still highlights. I can easily look back on last year and see joy in the midst of chaos and hardship. I know that for some, seeing past the dumpster fire of a year might be hard, but if you really ook, there are a lot of wonderful […]

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How many sessions per week/month/year should I be shooting?   Photographers who are new in business want some sort of ballpark to aim for. Something to mark that they have “made it” as a professional photographer. And it is common for them to ask, “How many sessions is too many”?   Photographers who have been […]

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“I am having a hard time figuring out what to write about in a blog post versus a newsletter. Can you help?” Truthfully, I get asked this question all the time. Photographers will sit down to brainstorm content ideas and find themselves easily confused about what makes a good blog post and what is better […]



2020 sure was fabulous, amiright? Hopefully, you caught the sarcasm in that. Good grief, talk about a massive curveball! If at the end of this year, you can say that your business is still standing, then you are a winner! Seriously, this year has been THAT rough to most small business that all it takes […]

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Newsflash- Running a photography business can be challenging. And that is putting it very lightly. The general public thinks that all you need to make it in this industry is a love of photos. Sure, that is a big part of it but the business side of this industry is really where photographers spend the […]

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