An open letter to all the Moms: Your home (and car, and shopping cart) are filled with little ones. There are more blogs and memes – and well-meaning ladies on the street – who are quick to tell you new moms to “enjoy every minute” and that “these are the days.” All the while, your […]

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Pulling Back the Curtain on In-Home Sessions I like a good mystery as much as the next person (there were a few on my recent blog about books!) but how your in-home photography session is going to play out should not fall into that category. While we all know to expect the unexpected with babies […]

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With a new baby on the way, I know you’re making so many preparations for the big arrival. The excitement – and maybe even some nerves – are in the air and, if you have a sweet toddler at home, they feel the dynamic shifting, too. Change is hard for everyone, and harder when you’re […]

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New Year, New Baby…Same Old Worries with Newborn Photo Sessions As we usher in a new year, and perhaps you’re readying for a new baby, I’m sure you’re asking yourself allll the questions and doing allll the research. One of the many things on your list is likely finding the right newborn photographer for your […]

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Choosing a newborn photographer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area is hard. There are just so many options. How can anyone be expected to figure out how to find a newborn photographer among all these incredible talents out there? When you are expecting a baby there are a lot of things to think about. Almost instantly […]

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Today, I am sharing some answers to a list of incredible fall-themed questions that were asked over on Instagram. If you are struggling to plan for, or survive fall family portrait busy season, this post is for you. Hit play or read the post below. Video Transcript: I dropped a question box yesterday asking for […]

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You read that right. Praise the Lord, hospital First 48 sessions are finally BACK! I literally cannot tell you how much my heart is singing with this news. Of all the things I missed during the global “issue” over the past 15 months, hospital newborn sessions are easily at the top of the list. And […]

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Repeat after me, “I will dress myself in something that I feel beautiful in before I even consider what the rest of my family is wearing for photos.” There, I gave you all the knowledge you need in the very first line of the blog post about what to wear for a newborn session. Ha! […]

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I have been a newborn photographer in the Fort Worth, Texas area for more than ten years. As you can imagine, that means I have learned a thing or two about these special sessions. I have photographed over 500 newborn sessions (crazy, I know!) and there are SO many things I want to tell you. […]

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You just booked your next photo session and now your mind immediately goes to, “What should I wear?” I may be the photographer in this situation, but my own family has at least one session a year so I totally understand the stress that goes with dressing your crew for photos. It can be an […]

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