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This is an intimate community of female photographers who get access to three new pieces of educational content every month for an insanely low price.

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These episodes are jam-packed with tips and resources to better your business. 

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This download gives you 9 steps toward a sustainable and successful photography business.

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I know the feeling when you find someone new online, and you get super excited to check out All. The. Things. If this describes you, this is the perfect place to jumpstart your photography business makeover. Let me help take you from struggle-bus to happy dance!

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Tired of feeling overwhelmed when it comes to your business?

Been there, done that. but here's the good news: there is a better way to do business.

Running a successful photography business doesn't have to mean sacrificing family time to shoot or easing up on your boundaries to say YES all the time.

You can be financially successful as a photographer, and you don't have to live in a perpetual state of hustle to make it happen. Let me show you how.


Hi! I’m Sabrina, and I’ve been photographing families for almost 12 years, and after building the photography business of my dreams, I now help photographers do the same.

But like many business owners, once I experienced what “success” felt like – memory cards that were always full and an editing queue was stacked sky-high – it didn’t take long before what I felt on the inside didn't match what success looked like on paper. I was drowning. I was burned out. I was depressed.

My business was successful on paper, but I was completely miserable.

After a LOT of work on myself and my business, I came out the other side, honing my version of success with my business in a better place than I ever imagined. 

Let me teach you how to balance your business and your well-being so that you can level-up your business and your life.

If I can build a thriving and sustainable photography business, so can you.

Amy H

"I increased my revenue by 250% this year! I know it was from Sabrina's course because I took it at the beginning of the year!"

Kathleen P.

“Even though I’ve been in business for 4 years, I had no real, organized foundation or method to the madness. I’ve taken time to basically build my business from the ground up and start fresh. All the tools Sabrina gave us made it very manageable and easy to follow. She literally took all the guess work out and to help us set our businesses up in a way that works for us.”

The tools Sabrina gave us made it very manageable and easy to follow.


This monthly membership is for the female photographer who is craving both continued education AND community. In this group, you get support from your peers and education from me (and other industry leaders) in a package that is manageable. Too many programs feel like you're drinking from a fire hose -  The Round Table is different.

Round Table Membership

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You know you need to discover the big-picture vision of your business and your LIFE, and you're ready to shed the "shoulds" that every other successful photographer is following. In this online course, learn how to cast your unique vision and transform your business into one that's aligned with YOUR version of success.

The Aligned Photographer

 define the business vision on your heart

Root to Rise is a 4-month mastermind group coaching program and retreat that does deep heart work to change your life AND your business. Over the course of weekly online meetings, reading books together, guest speakers and a three-day, in person retreat, this small group experience will change your life.

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Who doesn't love a good podcast binge? If you love practical conversations and actionable steps to better your business or your life right away, then you will love the Shoot it Straight Podcast.

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Shoot it Straight Podcast

As an entrepreneur, a good business foundation is everything. Join the list of photographers I've supported, and learn how to make YOUR business successful and sustainable. I can't wait to cheer you on!

You Deserve a Successful and Sustainable Photography Business