Favorite Money Saving Hacks for Moms

Money saving hacks for moms by sabrina gebhardt
Favorite Money Saving Hacks for Moms 3

As a busy Mom of 3, I am always gawking at our monthly spending. Literally it makes me want to cry sometimes. Earlier this year, I committed to saving more without cutting out anything major or drastically changing the way we live. And I am happy to share some of my favorite money saving hacks for moms with you today.

In fact, with these 5 money saving hacks for moms that we made to the way we spend, we saved $523.68 in the first 30 days!😱

Yep, you heard that right. Some of these made me more money than others but here is the thing, small changes add up quick. Especially when you aren’t changing your lifestyle and can save that much moola.

1. Upside App

The first of the money saving hacks for moms is that you need to fill your car with gas, and this gets you the best deal and cash back when you do. It is that simple. I downloaded the app, and now every time I need gas, I open the app first, find the best deal near me, head to that gas station and follow the app instructions. I always save at LEAST $0.10 per gallon BUT if you use my promo link to join, you will save an additional $0.15 per gallon on your first fill-up.

And if you have a big ole SUV like I do, then that can save you some serious dollars. The best part about this addition to our savings? I am not doing anything that I wasn’t already doing…I need gas in my car for all the carpooling and road trips we do, and this just puts some cash back in my pocket. This money saving hacks for moms is easy peasy. Join Upside and save extra: https://upside.app.link/SABRINA29495

2. Fetch App

This is yet again something that I added in that is one tiny extra step and yet the dollars add up fast. I am doing all my normal things, shopping, getting gas, eating out, etc and whenever I have a receipt, I just scan it into the app and get points. That’s it. The points vary depending on where you were and if something was on a promotion but you always get at least 25 points per receipt. Always. AND you sync your email to the app as well so when you shop online it pulls in those receipts too and gives you points for them.

Once you get 5,000 plus points, then you start cashing in your points for gift cards, which is so fun. I always choose gift cards for places that I know I always shop at like Starbucks and Amazon. So, yea uploading my receipts into this app is literally funding my next Starbucks run and Amazon haul. (On average, I am getting between 7-10,000 points per month. It adds up so fast!)

Join Fetch using my referral code T37RB4 and get 100 bonus points right away.

3. Rakuten App

This is an app that savings you money when you shop online. If you know that you are ordering something from an online retailer, let’s say Gap or Old Navy, then you login to Rakuten FIRST and then just shop away. It takes you to all your online retailers (except Amazon). You place your orders just like normal and then watch the cash back add up.

The first time I used Rakuten, I shopped on Sephora.com and did a store pickup on things I needed to reorder. I did the same thing for Ulta. And in those 2 trips alone, I got $10 back. PLUS I still got credit for the sales and discounts on the retailers websites. It was SO easy.

What I LOVE about Rakuten is that this app is TRULY cash back. When you register you choose to be paid via Paypal or a mailed physical check. My first payout arrived and it was for $49.86 in the first 30 days!

Join Rakuten now with MY INVITE CODE and get $30 after you spend $30. It is THAT easy!

4. Switch to Aldi

Okay so this change will require you to shop somewhere different which might be tough. BUT it will make the biggest change. I have had friends telling me to switch to Aldi for years and I just never did. It is a tad farther from our house. I didn’t know what the experience would be like. And so I just never did. Well, when I went on the quest to save money earlier this year, I decided it was time.

OMG what the heck was I waiting for?!??! We have saved $100 PER WEEK in groceries since switching to Aldi. $100 per week. Let that sink in.

Let me go ahead and answer your questions:

Yes, they carry normal brands.

Yes, their produce and meats are delicious and good quality.

Yes, they carry organic.

Yes, they carry Gluten free.

Yes, you need to bring your own bags.

No they won’t have everything on your list.

To succeed with Aldi, make your list, go to Aldi first. Choose store brands whenever you can because that is where you save the most and the quality is great. Think Trader Joes. THEN after you have gotten everything possible at Aldi, stop at your regular grocery store on the way home.

Yes, it might be out of your normal rhythm, but if you can save $100 a week, then I would say that is totally worth it!

5. Target Red Debit Card

Okay this one seems like a no-brainer, but just like changing our shopping to Aldi, I was resistant to this change. I don’t know why. I love Target. I prefer to shop with debit instead of credit. So WHY ON EARTH would I not want to automatically save 5% on every purchase??? Like, duh.

Anyways, when I was on this quest to save money, easily, and without changing our lifestyle, I knew it was time to get the Red Card. And the best part? When I got my card in the mail, they send you a sweet “Thank you” gift… a coupon for $40 off your first purchase of $40. Um, YES PLEASE.

To finally get your Target Red DEBIT card, fill out your application HERE.

Bonus Hack!

Anytime I have a receipt from any of the places above: Getting gas with Upside, online shopping with Rakuten, getting groceries from Aldi or shopping with my Target Red Debit Card, I upload those receipts into the Fetch App. And voila, I just got double credit for stuff I am already doing!

mom with 3 kids at the beach
Favorite Money Saving Hacks for Moms 4

This post includes affiliate links, and I will earn a commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

Have some money savings hacks of your own? Don’t be shy! Shoot me an email and share away:)


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