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If you're tired of trying to figure out this whole photography business thing out by yourself and you're ready to have an expert help you along the way, I am your girl.

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I'm Sabrina Gebhardt

You never realized just how much work running a photography business would be. Pretty pictures sounded fun but now you are juggling emails, invoicing, editing, social media, blogging, newsletters, a website and SO. MUCH. MORE. And let's not even mention those two ugly words, "imposter syndrome". 

I know the struggle because I have been there. But I promise you there is a better way I am on a mission to help photographers avoid burnout and actually love the business they built.

I'm so glad you're here!

I believe that your photography business can thrive.

Cheyenne M.

"This is, hands down, the best investment you’ll make in your business.”

Within the first two years of starting my business, I was shooting well over 100 sessions per year. My inbox was flooded with inquiries and my clients were happy. But I was drowning.

Even though I had two children under 5, I was working on my business all the time. But I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel, never having time to stop and catch my breathe or be intentional with my decisions.

My business was successful on paper and yet I was completely miserable.

Up to this point I had lived in a place of fear... I lacked vision, I lacked confidence and I was definitely living in scarcity. And then I finally pushed fear aside and invested in myself. That investment changed everything.

Fast forward 10 years and I am in the education seat. I am teaching women all over the world that your business doesn't get to be in control of you. You can tame the business beast and skip the burnout.

If I can build a thriving and sustainable photography business, so can you.

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Learn how to go from overwhelmed and frustrated to running your photography business with the intention of a CEO in less than 45 minutes.

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As you will quickly learn, I love all things business. These are just a few resources to help you jump start your photography business makeover that will take you from struggle-bus to happy dance. 

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Kate W.

"Moreover, the group has given me a community of like-minded photographer friends who have served as a safe and supportive space - not easy to find as a small business owner. In short- run, don't walk - to diving into education with Sabrina Gebhardt. She says this often and I'm here to tell you this is true - your future self will thank you."

I have gotten real, measurable results from Sabrina's suggestions and guidance, in a record amount of time. 


Your business might look successful on the outside, but how do you feel? 

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to hustle all the time to have a successful business. You can be financially successful while also holding firm to boundaries that allow you time and space to breathe.

I teach photographers just like you how to chart their own success in this industry. This means building a business that is successful on the outside and on the inside.

for the overwhelmed...


As an entrepreneur, a good foundation is everything. I have taught lots of photographers how to successfully start and scale their businesses and they are all still going strong! 

9 Steps to a Successful and Sustainable Photography Business