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Fueled by equal part caffeine and joy, I’ve been photographing families for almost 12 years. It wasn't always easy and TBH I made a LOT of mistakes along the way while fumbling to find my place in this industry.

For the past five years I have found a new passion in pouring into other photographers. I know first hand how hard this industry can be and I am on a personal mission to teach others how to avoid burnout, beat overwhelm and thrive.

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I’m Sabrina Gebhardt

I love to talk photography business, sustainability, planning and basically everything entreprenuer-life. My favorite interviews are conversational and fun with a pinch of practicality thrown in. Interested in having me as a guest on your show? I would love to chat.

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As an entrepreneur, a good foundation is everything. I have taught lots of photographers how to successfully start and scale their businesses and they are all still going strong! 

9 Steps to a Successful and Sustainable Photography Business