Surviving a Pandemic: A free workbook

Friends, we are living in unprecedented times. Things are scary for small business owners and everyone is scrambling while wondering, “What do we do?” Collectively we are trying to avoid having a panic attack on any given day.

I 100% believe that we will all survive this. I believe that we can and will get through this. And I also believe that for those of us who put the work in now, we will come out better on the other side.

I have had the privilege of teaching on this very subject quite a bit lately. I did a video on it that you can find here. I was also a guest on The Lumen Room podcast where we talked about it even farther. You can listen to that episode here.

I wanted to take this same topic a bit farther. I created a FREE 8-page workbook that walks you through what you can do right now to ensure that your business will survive this season. The guide walks you through some prompts for thinking outside of the box, which is what we all need to be doing right now.

My hope is that this workbook gives you a bit of peace. I hope that it inspires you. I hope that you can breathe a little easier knowing that you have a plan. Feel free to grab your copy through the link below. And if you have small business friends, please feel free to share this.


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