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This business is a lot. It can make even the most prepared entrepreneurs head spin.

Here is the story that I see all the time: You get a shiny new DSLR for a special occasion. The more you use it, the more you realize that you love taking pictures (and are pretty good at it too!). Your next step is, naturally, start your own photography business. You see so many other people doing the same and it looks so glamorous and easy.

It doesn’t take you more than a couple months to realize that running a photography business is way more complicated than just taking pretty pictures. It is a lot. The overwhelm sets in. And maybe even exhaustion and fear.

Friends, I have been there. In those exact same shoes. So, how have I made it 10 years in this industry without burnout and closing up shop because of the pressure? I have had mentors.

A photography mentor walks alongside you and points you in the right direction. A mentor will praise your successes and help you tackle your struggles. A mentor is someone you can trust who will be a safe space to ask those questions you might be too embarrassed to ask anyone else.

If you are just starting out or even if you have been in business a few years, hiring a photography mentor will change the game. Yes, it is an investment of time and money but what you get back is invaluable. Want to know something else? After 10 years in this business, I still hire a mentor every year. Yep, I do. I am still learning, growing and evolving and don’t continue to stop any time soon.

Hiring a mentor, someone who has gone before you, will change your business for the better. That is something that I can actually promise you.

If you aren’t quite ready to take that leap yet, I understand. It is a really scary commitment. In the meantime, I have created a free photography blueprint that you can grab. This blueprint walks you through 9 crucial steps to take when starting your photography business. Grab the free guide below.



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