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Group coaching memberships seem to be all the rage lately. And honestly, I get it. As someone who not only offers a membership but also pays for and participates in more than one membership group, I definitely see the appeal to join a membership. In case you aren’t on the fence yet and don’t know […]

You really want to "make it" as a photographer but currently you are overwhelmed, burned out and not making enough money. You're ready to stop trying to emulate someone else's business and have success your way. In this online course, learn how to make more money, work less and transform your business into one that's aligned with YOUR life.

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Today’s episode is a replay of a conversation between myself and my business bestie, Colie James, on her podcast, Business-First Creatives. This conversation is one I am incredibly passionate about, as we are covering everything to do with burnout. I am sharing my own story of massive overwhelm throughout the first few years of my […]


Today’s episode is a replay of a conversation between my friend Kate Hejde and I on her podcast, How You Pictured It. This may be one of my favorite podcast interviews ever, as it is vulnerable and real. Kate and I are discussing our personal experiences with grief, and what it is like to be […]


In today’s bonus episode, I’m taking you on a business tip road trip with seven other photography educators and podcast hosts, where we give you bite-size tips and teachings to help your business grow! Make sure you take a listen, download everyone’s freebies, and check out their podcasts! The Shoot It Straight Podcast is brought […]


One of the biggest challenges that female creative entrepreneurs face is the creation of healthy habits and routines. My guest today is the incredible Jessica Massey of the Hustle Sanely brand, joining me to discuss why these habits are so crucial to supporting your creative lifestyle. We are sharing our own stories of developing habits […]


Today we are talking about something that basically everybody wants: to make more money and to book more clients. I’m sharing what I believe is the easiest way to create more business for yourself, yet is so often overlooked by photographers and entrepreneurs. I’m hoping that today’s episode will relieve some of the stress and […]


If you notice that your calendar is a bit emptier and business is moving slower than usual, it’s not just you. In today’s episode, I’m sharing a candid interview with my business bestie Colie James, and we are discussing what photographers and the recession. We are sharing our best suggestions for what you can do […]


As a busy Mom of 3, I am always gawking at our monthly spending. Literally it makes me want to cry sometimes. Earlier this year, I committed to saving more without cutting out anything major or drastically changing the way we live. And I am happy to share some of my favorite money saving hacks […]


Summer is here and the fall busy season is just around the corner. In today’s episode, I’m discussing one of my greatest tips for managing your busy season and getting your time back: outsourcing your editing. I’m sharing why it is so important to start with an editor right now in order to get back […]


It’s the first week of summer, and you’re running a household and a business. It can feel like a lot, but you want it to feel easy. How do you do it? In this episode, I’m going to share with you my approach to creating a summer of ease and grace that allows me to […]


Are you living in a state of perpetual hurry? You are constantly rushing from one task to the next, seemingly never able to pause and catch your breath. In today’s episode, I’m joined by mindset coach Becky Hoschek. Becky is sharing incredible insight as to how we become stuck in this state of hurry, how […]


Hi, I’m Sabrina! I’ve been photographing families for more than 12 years, and after building the photography business of my dreams, I now help photographers do the same.

When I'm not photographing newborns and young families around Fort Worth and Dallas, I'm supporting photographers who want to create and grow sustainable businesses that puts your heart and your life FIRST.

Photographing your most magical moments and turning them into your memories is literally food for my soul, as is teaching other photographers how to level-up in business by putting what matters first.

Whether you're here to book a photography session or to gain inspiration and practical tips to grow your photography business, I can't wait to serve you!


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Can you run a successful photography business without offering any products or prints? Today’s episode is the second in a four-part series on my unpopular opinions about commonly-held beliefs in the wedding photography business. I’m sharing two considerations to make when deciding on your offers, and why it is perfectly okay to only offer digital […]

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Does being booked and busy truly mean success? Today’s episode is the first in a four-part series on my unpopular opinions about commonly-held beliefs in the wedding photography business. I’m starting off by disputing the claim that a full calendar has anything to do with your success.  The Shoot It Straight Podcast is brought to […]

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On today’s one-year anniversary episode of the Shoot It Straight podcast, I’m being interviewed by my business bestie, Colie James. Colie has been a guest on the show multiple times now, and she is the perfect person to talk with about building a business, creating online courses and in-person retreats, and crafting my mastermind. I […]

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In this week’s episode, I’m talking about shame. As creative entrepreneurs, we are our brand, so we often feel a deep sense of shame when something goes wrong in our business. Today I am sharing seven of the most common ways that I see shame pop up for photographers and creatives, and what you can […]

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