10 Reasons To Join A Membership

Group coaching memberships seem to be all the rage lately. And honestly, I get it. As someone who not only offers a membership but also pays for and participates in more than one membership group, I definitely see the appeal to join a membership.

In case you aren’t on the fence yet and don’t know what all the fuss is about, I thought it would be fun share 10 reasons why you might want to join a membership. And if you make it through this list and your head is nodding, then yea, go ahead and hop on into that membership group you have been eyeing.

1. Being an Entrepreneur is lonely.

If you have been in business for any amount of time, you know that being an entreprenuer is a lonely gig. Most days you sit at your desk, kitchen table or on your couch just plugging away on your laptop. You might spend some time engaging with people on social media, or actually meeting a client in person. But those are rare opportunities.

Having a true online community where you can chat, in real time, with other like-minded entrepreneurs several times a month is HUGE. This is huge for friendships, confidence, accountability, growth and just not being so dang alone. You definitely want business besties in your corner, and choosing to join a membership is the perfect way to meet those people.

2. You are lacking confidence

When you join a membership group, you gain a circle of business besties but you also gain accountability and access to educational offerings. You know what happens when you are given the tools to grow and a group to hold you accountable? You actually grow. And with growth comes confidence.

Having confidence in your work, your business and yourself is a game changer. In fact, you cannot grow to new heights without it.

Join a membership. Female photographer, sabrina gebhardt, sits reading the book, built to belong, by natalie frank
10 Reasons To Join A Membership 4

3. You lack follow through

If you are one of those people with all the great ideas and yet you don’t ever follow through with them… the accountability of a membership program could be perfect for you. There is magic that happens when you have a group of cheerleaders on your side. You have peers to ask questions when you get stuck. You have friends to cheer you on when you are scared. You have a leader to guide you when you are lost.

4. You are a serial “joiner”

Do you like to join things and then never do anything with them? Do you have a freebie and course graveyard on your computer? Does it all sound like a great idea until you actually dive in and then it’s suddenly too much, too fast?

Point number four is a shameless plug for my own membership program, The Round Table. One of the most important things to me when I created this group was that the content be just enough to digest and not drown. That’s why you only get 3 things per month. 3 is attainable. 3 is doable. 3 is easy.

5. You have questions

If you have questions about your industry. Or systems. Or business finances. Or maybe you have questions about some ideas you want to bounce around. Or how to grow your email list. Or run a new marketing campaign. Or truly any questions at all…

If you have questions on a regular basis, and I am sure you do because we all do, then choosing to join a membership could be great. Consider a membership your save space to ask all the things and get all the help. Honestly, this aspect alone is often worth the price of admission!

The round table is a membership group for female photographers who crave community and continued education and this group meets online multiple times a month inside zoom
10 Reasons To Join A Membership 5

6. You want ongoing support

Similar to what I mentioned before, choosing to join a membership might be perfect for you if you want an ongoing support piece.

Not only can you use the space to ask questions and reach out to the group’s leader, but you have an ongoing group of peers to hold you accountable. Cheer you on. Lift you up. And offer ideas and resources. This might sound trivial to someone who has never been in a membership before but trust me, ongoing support is invaluable.

7. Low investment and big impact

I can’t speak for the price of anyone else’s membership (mine is $22/mo) but generally speaking, a membership is a relatively low buy in. From my friends around the coaching industry, memberships are *usually* the lowest entry point option. And if they aren’t the lowest, they are definitely more affordable than higher ticket masterminds and long-term coaching.

8. A great place to “test the waters”

Like I mentioned above, coaches that offer membership groups, generally offer them at a much lower price point than more comprehensive offers. This is a great opportunity to “try out” the coaches before making a bigger commitment. Think you like them on Instagram? Join their membership before you opt into a 5 figure mastermind just to make sure you really do jive with them.

Personally, I encourage this very thing. I love spending months, or even years, with women inside my membership group, The Round Table, before they choose to hire me for 1-on-1 coaching or join my high-level mastermind. Why? Because at that point we have a relationship. They trust me and know I can serve them well. And that is a win-win situation for us both.

9. Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher

I can’t speak for all membership groups. But this statement 100% applies to my group. The women inside it are encouraging, cheerful, helpful and inspiring. They are a delight to be around and welcome every new member with welcome arms.

If you join a membership, I highly recommend that you make sure it fits this sentiment. And if it does, you have found gold so stick around and watch the transformation start to happen.

10. Memberships can cater to all learning styles (at least mine does)

When I created my membership group, I wanted to make sure that the rotating content appealed to different people with different learning preferences. In my group, content rotates between live coaching talks, recordings, pdf downloads, behind-the-scenes video, editing, worksheets, hot seats, guest speakers, book clubs and SO many different options. 

This is a look at an example schedule from a past month inside the membership group for female photographers, the round table
Sneak peek at what a past month of content inside The Round Table looked like.

Like I mentioned earlier, I do offer a membership. And it is awesome.

The Round Table is a group for female photographers who are craving both community and continued education. When I created the group I knew I wanted it to be impactful and highly affordable. And I am proud to say that this group is exactly that.

I don’t want to bore you with all the details here but if you want to learn more about The Round Table or join us, you can do that here. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

PS: Did you know that I have a podcast? Pop over to Apple and subscribe to Shoot it Straight.


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