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On the morning of their session,  I met this family and the first thing I thought to myself was, “Oh my goodness they are beautiful”! Their baby girl had just turned one and we were doing a family session to celebrate this big milestone. Both mom and dad are artists and appreciate photography… I won’t lie and tell you that that didn’t make me a little bit nervous:)

We spent the session talking about how fun one-year olds are and talking about all the new tricks that baby girl is up to these days. We had gorgeous weather and baby could not have been happier if she tried. It is true that one-year-olds are super busy and capturing them can be a little bit of a challenge and this girl was no different. Honestly, what helped the most was that mom and dad were completely laid-back and had zero expectations. They wanted to capture their family just being together and that is exactly what we did.

If you are interested in details about a session, shoot me an email through the contact link here.


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