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What is this blog post about? Oh ya know, just a recap of my fall mini sessions that ended four months ago. No big deal. Just catching up on blogging. Ha!

Seriously though, my families this fall completely rocked it. I think part of it was the way that I structured my minis last year. I decided that I was done with the rush and “hustle” involved in mini sessions. Traditionally mini session days are 4-6 (or more) families crammed back-to-back. I have never liked them. I always left mini sessions feeling completely drained and like I never got to spend quality time with any of my families. I don’t like that feeling.

This past fall I changed that. I decided that I wasn’t going to cram families together. Instead I would offer mini sessions on one night a week and never shoot more than 2 families at a time. I was nervous about how I would feel at the end of the fall rush. I was willing to take that risk though. And you guys, it totally worked! This past fall I never felt overwhelmed. I was never in a deep backlog of editing. I had time to really enjoy my families. And at the end of the fall season I was still going strong.

More than anything, I think my work reflects how I felt last fall. No burnout. Nothing mundane. Each session was unique and took on a life of its own. I cannot be happier about how last fall went and I totally plan on doing something similar this coming fall. Here is a quick recap of what my fall families looked like. And if I haven’t said it enough, I have the best clients.

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