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In this photography business Q&A session, I share the answers to a few questions asked on Instagram. Hit play below or scroll down to read the post.

Hey friends! Here we go with another edition of Q & A. I’m so glad you’re here! 

1. What does your photography client experience from booking to delivery?


The entire client experience from start to finish focuses on communication and relationship building. I want to build a rapport that creates long term community and commitment to one another. 

This is not a quick, give me your name and address and here’s the invoice. This is relationship building. I cover a lot of this in my course, It’s called The Organized Photographer, grab your spot on the waitlist now.

Here’s a rundown of what that client experience looks like:

  • I Receive a website inquiry

  • Auto reply email saying I’ll send a personal email asap

  • Send personal email including information they asked for

  • Send link to questionnaire if interested in moving forward

  • After questionnaire is filled out, they are booked and scheduled

  • Send welcome email with prep info and link to more help on my website

  • 24 – 48 hours before session, send a check-in text

  • Show up, serve the client and shoot the session

  • Cull Images

  • Submit images to Image Salon

  • Finalize images and upload to the gallery via Pic-Time

  • Send follow up email that includes a place for a google review

That was a very quick rundown. Again, I go through this way, way, way, way, way more in depth in my course. But hopefully, that answers your question.

2. What do you do for your safety when you travel to a client’s home for a photo session? Do you screen them? 

I screen them in a sense, I have them fill out a very lengthy questionnaire before they even book a session with me. You better believe that I am Googling the address, I am looking at them on Instagram and Facebook. I am reading their answers to my questions. It’s not a screening for safety purposes, but I do know a lot of things before they even give me money. That makes me very comfortable. 

That being said, the other piece of the puzzle that I want you to know is, price point really matters. I am not cheap. In fact, I might be the most expensive photographer in Fort Worth, but that automatically eliminates a lot of sketchy stuff. By the time they have filled out the questionnaire, they give me a very heavy deposit and approve a very heavy invoice total, and signed a contract.

I’m not worried at that point.That whole process is not really to vet people or screen people, but it does. 

3. Tips about shooting and editing in home photo sessions. 

This is a huge topic! I’m not going to jump into all the details because I have paying students in my course that get this information from me, but I’m going to leave you with three tips. 

  1. Crank up that ISO! You cannot shoot the whole thing at ISO 1,000 you are going to have to be way up high. Your camera can handle it, that is why the dial goes so high, don’t be afraid of it. If you are getting the exposure correctly in camera, the grain is going to be very minimal. 

  2. You need to choose the same style that you are doing for your outdoor sessions. There needs to be cohesiveness.

  3. Create a preset. If you are not utilizing Lightroom presets or Photoshop actions, you absolutely should be. That is going to give you the consistency you are looking for across the board.

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