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When you have twins first and then have a single baby, it must be the easiest transition right? Or at least that is how I see it and I don’t have twins so there is that:) I mean, you only have ONE infant to feed, change, snuggle and soothe… Except now you have two very busy toddlers to chase after and keep alive while you are carrying for your one newborn. Soooo, maybe it isn’t easy at all!

One thing is for certain and that is this: Twins, at any age, are a blast. This session was FUN. Yes, it took all hands on deck to keep everyone wrangled and happy but it was amazing. The boys were busy. We were busy. Baby sister was trying to take it all in. And the combination of all these things made this session one of my favorites from 2018!

And how precious do these new big brothers look in their pink polo shirts?

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