Sanity Resources during quarantine

First of all, how are you? I mean it? I am missing interacting with my clients and my community SO MUCH. If you have a minute, would you drop me a line? I genuinely would love to know how you are doing and if there is anything that I can do to help. Oh, and if you have any incredible resources of your own, feel free to share them!

There have been a few things that are totally working in my house that I wanted to share. Every one of these items are things that we are actually doing so I can vouch for them. I know that these things won’t give us our freedom back but hopefully they can help ease the ache just a bit. Good luck friends, we are in this together.

For the kids:

Stop Motion Film CampTrisha Zemp is giving away her online stop motion camp for FREE. Just follow the directions on this post. My big kids have been doing it and they are loving making cute stop motion films. Such a creative activity for everyone.

Raising Wonder– Sign up via the pink banner on the home page and she will send you TWO WEEKS of printables and craft activities for your kids. AND she doesn’t want to overwhelm you so she sends them one day at a time. My kids have LOVED working through these.

Busy Toddler– You may have heard of her before or even already follow her. She is a genius with toddler and little kid activities. Most of them use stuff you already have at home. All of the tips in her feed are great but we especially loved the cardboard road project. Here are the pics from when we made it. Best part? All three of my kids worked together and this ate up almost TWO hours of our day!


Scavenger Hunts– I created some free printable scavenger hunts. One is indoor, one is outdoor for littles, one is outdoor for bigs and one is a blank template so you can create your own. I hope you enjoy them. Download the SGP printable scavenger hunts here.

For Moms:

Brit & CoAll creative classes are free through March 31. Y’all, this is so incredible because they have classes on TONS of stuff. This would be great for Moms and big kids. Use code SELFCARE when checking out.

A Simple Space Love to organize? Does it help things feel a little more calm in the midst of the current state of our world? Well, Jess has created a blog post with a free printable for getting your bathrooms in order. She is incredible and this project will definitely help you feel a bit more at peace. Plus you will know where everything is:)

The Counseling Collective– These beautiful souls have created a free guide to navigating mental health during the covid-19 quarantine. If you are someone who struggles with anxiety, anger or depression, this guide will be really helpful. Scroll to the bottom of this page and enter your email address for the free guide.

Fit Bodies by Sharon– My long time friend and coach, Sharon Jackson, is offering free online workouts through zoom. Follow her on Facebook where she posts when the classes are held. I did one of these last week and it KICKED MY BUTT. I was sore for 2 days. Not bad for something I did in my living room.


Joe T’s Margaritas– In case you have been living in a hole and didn’t know, you can now call in and order the famous Joe T Garcias margaritas to go. Not only do they send you with a liquid gold, BUT to enhance the experience, they give you their Joe T’s cups that have a SALTED RIM and lime wedges. Not free, but it is pretty incredible.



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