Introducing Root to Rise | Family Photographer Mastermind & Retreat

I can finally spill the beans on my newest and biggest creation ever. This has literally been on my heart for YEARS. Yes, years.

If you have been on this email or following me online for a bit, you probably know how important intentional business practices are to me. You should also know how at the core of my teachings and philosophy is the importance of balance, self-care and boundaries. 


These same things are at the core of my newest baby.



Root to Rise

A Mastermind and Retreat


In this 4 month experience, you will gain the tools to ground yourself in meaningful practices so your business and life can soar. We will spend 16 weeks digging deep and gather for a 3-day, in-person retreat to focus on the creative side.


I truly believe that Root to Rise is the winning combination… Both online and in-person learning, combining business, life, art, and community in one beautiful experience.


Let me tell you just a tad more about what Root to Rise will offer you:

The mastermind portion includes 16 weeks of live zoom chats focusing on a specific theme each month. Every month there will be an incredible guest speaker, a book club, teaching from me, Q&As and community building in our private Facebook group. Oh, and there are also weekly Voxer hours so that you can reach out about things specific to your business.

The retreat portion of the experience is 3 days spent in Dripping Springs, Texas March 31- April 3, 2022. We will have an entire 5 acre ranch to ourselves right outside of Austin. During our 3 days together we will shoot 3 family sessions, do portfolio reviews, take headshots and create a super intentional plan for how to take your business to the next level. Oh and don’t let me forget to mention that all your food and lodging for the retreat is in INCLUDED in your payment PLUS it includes a private yoga class and chef prepared meals. Yep, it is going to be like the most epic girls weekend ever!


Here is where I bring it down a notch with a piece of bad news… There are only 11 spots open for Root to Rise! BUT, because I dropped this announcement to my loyal membership students first, THERE ARE NOW ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT!

family photographer retreat and mastermind education 2022


You might be wondering,

“Sabrina, why are there only 11 seats?”

Yea, it is because of the sleeping arrangements on our ranch. I want everyone to have their own bed (I like sleep) and so that is where I get 11. That being said, once the retreat sells out I am considering opening Mastermind-only seats. Those would be inviting you to participate in the 16 weeks of growth without attending the in-person retreat portion. Interested in that option? Shoot me an email and let me know!


So yea, if this sounds like exactly what you have been waiting for, go ahead and jump on in! Aren’t quite sure if this is for you? No problem, shoot me an email and let’s talk about it.


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