Why You Should Plan A First 48 Hospital Session

After photographing hundreds of brand new babies since 2011, I have fine-tuned my ability to capture the sweetest and most authentic moments in your hospital room. I call these First 48 sessions, and these hospital sessions are forever and always my favorite and most cherished experiences. Let me share why you should plan a first 48 hospital session for your next baby.

Bringing a new baby into the world is about so much more than posing a sleepy baby in your arms at home or wrapped up in a studio setting. It’s about celebrating those special first hours together before leaving the bubble of the hospital. 

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First 48 Sessions are Intimate and Capture a Fleeting Time

Each and every one of my First 48 hospital sessions are so tender and special because they capture you and your baby at such a sweet and fleeting time. As a mama of three myself, I know well that those first few hours in the hospital feel like a magical little bubble, an in-between space between birth and launching that little life into the real world.

In all the years I’ve been photographing babies and families, hospital photos are always a family’s most favorite photos, and for good reason: documenting the hospital bracelets and flaky skin of your newborn, in the setting where you met them for the first time, is a magical experience. Just trust me: you want to have a First 48 session.

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First 48 Sessions are Perfect If a Newborn Session Isn’t Your Thing

If your home or your nursery isn’t as picture-perfect as you want (even though it doesn’t have to be!), or if a full newborn session isn’t in your budget, a First 48 hospital session is a perfect alternative.

Just like a newborn session, I capture the connections, relationships, and moments that define the new baby stage – partners and siblings included! From older siblings meeting the new baby for the first time to the way your baby’s tiny hand wraps around your finger, I am dedicated to telling your family’s story in the place where you first met: the hospital.

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First 48 Sessions are Flexible and Focused on Baby’s Needs

Your First 48 newborn session is scheduled based on your due date, with flexibility built-in to accommodate an early or late delivery. Each First 48 hospital session is free-flowing and leaves plenty of time to feed, change, or soothe the baby in between gentle posing prompts. While I will definitely capture solo shots of just the baby, I do require parent participation during the session. Trust me: you’ll want these first swaddles from Dad and snuggles with Mom frozen in time!

Not feeling confident in your postpartum body? Most women don’t, and that’s totally okay: it’s my job to ensure that you are photographed in a flattering way. Because I believe that a newborn is most natural and comfortable in your arms, these hospital sessions mostly involve you sitting in a hospital bed with a blanket on your lap and a baby in your arms, which will do wonders for your midsection. Don’t worry, Mama – I’ve got you!

Ready to schedule your First 48 hospital session? Contact me today to get started; I can’t wait to capture these magical moments for you and your growing family.

Interested in a First 48 session, but want a full newborn session, too? These sessions are the perfect add-on to your newborn experience, and you also save $100 in the process! I’d love to capture both aspects of your motherhood journey.


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