A Peek Inside: Root to Rise Mastermind Retreat

One of my favorite parts of my mastermind program, Root to Rise, is the three-day, in-person retreat experience. I love to spoil my mastermind students silly and treat them to an immersive, fulfilling weekend with lots of laughter, community, and friendship.

In addition to all of the magic and goodness that happens inside the program, including four months of weekly learning, 1:1 Voxer hours with me each week, and teachings from a variety of guest experts, the in-person retreat is like the best girls weekend ever, except it’s spent in the company of like-minded creative women.

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Root to rise mastermind retreat for female photographers
A Peek Inside: Root to Rise Mastermind Retreat 7

The Work: Photography Sessions, Portfolio Reviews + Mastermind Time

root to rise mastermind retreat photographers at a photo shoot with a mother and baby in a nursery
A Peek Inside: Root to Rise Mastermind Retreat 8

At every Root to Rise retreat, we photograph three different sessions together, all of which are incredible for learning and for growing each photographer’s personal portfolio. Each student leaves with beautiful images they’ve taken to use in their own marketing, as well as several new headshots, courtesy of the ever-popular headshot swap session!

photographers at a mastermind retreat photographing a family at home
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When we aren’t photographing sessions or snagging on-brand headshots of each other, we conduct portfolio reviews and work through struggles or ideas as a group. This portion of our weekend – what I call mastermind time – is when each woman has the opportunity to share with the group and receive suggestions, feedback, resources, and more to help propel each other forward. This time is one of my favorites, because it begins in such an unassuming way, yet it inevitably leads to such huge aha moments for each person in the room.

photographers at a mastermind retreat weekend learning about how to grow their businesses
A Peek Inside: Root to Rise Mastermind Retreat 10

The Perks: Private Chef, Swag, + Private Yoga Instruction

As I mentioned, I absolutely love spoiling the women who attend my retreat. We stay at beautiful homes in gorgeous locations (past retreats have been held in Austin, Washington, D.C. and San Diego!), and I love filling the house with everyone’s favorite snacks and treats.

female photographers at a mastermind retreat practicing yoga at home
A Peek Inside: Root to Rise Mastermind Retreat 11

Gift-giving is my love language, which is why I hire a private chef for our meals together and commission a private yoga instructor to lead a class at the retreat. I want each woman to feel cared for and recharged at the close of our time together. I also gift them some pretty stellar swag to commemorate the weekend, too!

dfw newborn first 48 photographer 1828
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The friendships that are cultivated throughout the mastermind tend to culminate in this weekend together, and the laughter and the community that each woman experiences at the retreat is truly something that is life-changing. We all need business besties to support us and cheer us on, and there’s nothing like tapping into a community of like-minded women at a retreat like this!

Want to learn more about the Root to Rise mastermind and retreat experience? Join the waitlist here to be the first to know when the next round launches!


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