Are You Struggling with Hustle and Ease?

A while back, I shared something on Instagram that has been on my heart for a while. It is this relationship between hustle and ease. And the fact that so many photographers and creative entreprenuers are struggling with hustle. (and forgetting the ease)

photography business supplies including phone, hard drive, laptop, notebooks, pens, starbucks and xqd card.
Are You Struggling with Hustle and Ease? 3

Are you dancing between the two? Or are you stuck in one?

Being an entrepreneur is hardcore. And there are definitely times when hustling is absolutely necessary. But it shouldn’t be all the time.

Trust me, this is coming from someone who was stuck in hustle mode for years. And I assumed it had to be that way to be successful. 

Until I broke.

And in the process of healing myself, I healed my business

I learned that it doesn’t always have to be hustle. And it SHOULDN’T always be hustle. 

You need a break. You need to pull away from hustle and lean into ease. 

  • The ease is where you heal.
  • Where you rest.
  • Where you become inspired to keep going.
creative entrepreneurs struggling with hustle because they don't have enough ease
Are You Struggling with Hustle and Ease? 4

The seasons of ease are often where our best ideas and best art are created.

So, I encourage you to plan for your next season of ease. When will it be? Put it on the calendar right now.

If you don’t block that time off, it will never happen. Trust me.

Take that sharpie and mark off at least 2 weeks (but really a month or two is best). And hold firm to that boundary. 

Because you deserve it. And you need it

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