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In this photography business Q&A session, I share the answers to a few questions asked on Instagram. Hit play below or scroll down to read the post.

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Read the video transcript below:

1. What is your best business purchase of the year? 

I have three. The first is a 2022 Cultivate planner. It has changed the way that I do my goal setting and is a goal setting mechanism.

The second was hiring someone to help with my SEO for my new website URL. I am a huge advocate for hiring someone to help you do something that you’re not great at.

The third is that I’ve ordered a new MacBook Pro. I enjoy editing on one and it works well for me being on the go and traveling.

2. I already feel burnout coming and I still have so many sessions left this year.

This is very important to me and I talk about it a lot – I am on a personal mission to teach everyone collectively to avoid burnout. I have three suggestions.

The first is to find a space in your calendar where you can give yourself time for yourself and you only.

The second is to kick out of your calendar and to-do list anything and everything that can go (no new projects, hobbies, extra clients, etc.).

The third thing is to use the Reminder app on your phone. Set the date to mid-January and voice record a brain dump of your honest emotions during this busy season. Things that you are excited about, frustrated about, proud of, angry at yourself for. This will be your motivation to do better next year when you have a clear head after the holidays. 

3. How do you handle sketchy clients?

I have two things to say to this question. If you are not getting a good vibe, text someone and tell them where you are, who you’re with and when you should be done. Then ask them to follow up with you at that time and make a plan in case they don’t hear from you. Then I want you to send them a dropped pin so that they have a location.

The second thing is that you should not be in this situation. You shouldn’t be attracting clients that you aren’t going to be comfortable with. There should be big back and forth communication so that you feel like you already know them before you have met them at the session. Whether that’s a more detailed questionnaire or whether that’s more back and forth before you book them (via phone or text message to communicate before the session), or the way that you are marketing your business online.

4. I’m trying to decide on a workshop or class for next year. There are so many choices. Do you have any tips?

I’m so glad that you are already forward thinking for your 2022 education. There are so many options in person and online. This can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to the industry. Here are three suggestions to make this choice. 

First, you need to be more attracted to more than just their work. Are they organized? Priced well? Do they have a good reputation?

Second, you need to choose someone at least two years ahead of you on the same path. What part of the industry are you in? What are your future goals and what would you like to see your business look like in two years?

The third thing is that you need to jive with this person. When you see them engaging on the internet do you feel like you would want to hang out with them? Education is very personal and unless you do a pre-recorded course, there is typically an in-person component. You will learn more and be more vulnerable with someone you jive with. 

5. What is your favorite lens?  

This is an easy answer. I love the Sigma art, 35 mm. I am a very predominantly indoor shooter, in home, in studio, and I love to get up in people’s business. It is beautiful and crisp.

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