Biggest Outsourcing Tip for Photographers

You need to outsource. I know you have probably heard that a zillion times already. But it’s true. And here is my biggest outsourcing tip for photographers… outsource your editing FIRST.

Save Time

The biggest, and most obvious reason, that I recommend outsourcing your editing first is that you will save the most time. Editing is where photographers get stuck. The shoot might be an hour or two. But the editing takes HOURS and HOURS. Put that on repeat and you are glued to your computer way more than you want to be.

I have been using The Image Salon as my editing team for years and years. In fact, I just submitted my 496th order with them. Yep, almost 500 orders they have taken off my hands. If you average each of those orders saved me 3 hours of editing, that is 1,488 hours saved. That is 186 work days. That is 37 work weeks. That is more than HALF A YEAR.

Know what I have done with all that free time? In some seasons, I take on more clients. In others I enjoy my kids or travel. But in the past few years the biggest gain with all that free time is launching, and growing, the coaching and education side of my business.

Get Over It

The biggest hang up photographers have when they consider outsourcing their editing is they are worried about handing over creative control. I get it. The finished look of your images achieved through editing is a big part of your work as an artist.

But guess what? Image Salon learns your style. They learn your look. They modify and perfect and tweak until it is EXACTLY the same as your images. It is mind blowing.

Personally, I shoot most of my sessions in clients homes. That means the lighting and color casts are different for each session. For that reason, I choose to edit 10-20 anchor images from each session. It really isn’t a big deal because I choose my favorites that I was going to share as sneak peeks anyway. I edit those anchor images and then share those edits long with the rest of the unedited gallery. My editor, Emma, uses the anchors as a guide to make sure the gallery matches cohesively and matches my overall brand look. It is incredible.

So if you have been hesitant for this reason, my biggest outsourcing tip for you is to just get over it.

Top Notch Service

One of the absolute best things about Image Salon is the service. It truly is a top-notch concierge experience. They pair you with an editor from the very beginning and that editor is yours forever and ever. It is fabulous to get to work with one person consistently for years and really does perfect the editing process.

But sometimes, mistakes happen and things aren’t perfect. We are all human and stuff happens. If that is the case, you can rest easy and know that Image Salon will take care of you. In the years and years I have been with them, it has happened maybe 3 times. Truly. And guess what? I was taken care of swiftly, with with care and priority. I don’t know about you but when I experience great customer service, I am a happy camper.

Sabrina gebhardt is an image salon ambassador and stands for an interview
Biggest Outsourcing Tip for Photographers 3

Game-Changer for Growth

I truly believe with my whole heart that in order to grow and scale in your business, you have to be willing to give some things up. With the amount of hours you spend editing images, outsourcing your edits should be a no-brainer.

I can tell you with absolute certainty, that without Image Salon taking editing off of my plate, I would definitely not be an educator, speaker and podcaster at this point. Nope. Because I wouldn’t have the time needed to pour into new ventures and opportunities. Image Salon gives me that time.

And they would love to give you time back too! I have a special discount code for you to save 50% off any standard turnaround order. (for new AND existing customers)

Use code: SABRINAG50 at checkout and tell them I sent you.

outsourcing tip for photographers is to hire image salon to send out your editing.
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