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This is one of those stories that just makes me feel so honored to be a historian by profession. I have been lucky enough to photograph all three of these beautiful babies as newborns. To know that I was entrusted with this very special task just melts my heart. And y’all, this family just keeps getting better and better and better.

These big brothers gained an adorable baby sister and they literally could not be more smitten with her. These two are completely enamored and just so gentle with her. 

I remember back when I first started photographing newborns, I used to prefer the sessions where the baby was the firstborn. Those sessions were simple, quiet and easy. If I had an inquiry for a session with 2, 3 or more children, I would get super nervous. 

And then I had a third child.

I have since grown to appreciate the chaos and the noise of a big family. And I see how much more dynamic and fun sessions can be with more children.

To be honest, I have done a complete 180 from where I started years ago. I totally prefer photographing bigger families to smaller ones. Give me all the kids and the mess and everyone talking at once. I LOVE it!

I know, I know. Many of you are probably thinking that I am completely nuts right now. But, here is the thing:

I think that sessions with big families have more room for personality. There is a much better chance for fun and playfulness. The session has to be more relaxed. Because with a gaggle of children, how can you expect perfection and posing? You can’t. It isn’t realistic.

And , it is boring.

I want to see your family’s silly side. I want to see laughter. I want to hear the loudness. I want to get to know each little one under your roof and find a way to capture them in their own special way. 

To all the families that have reached out and are welcoming their 4th and 5th babies at the end of 2020, I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

2020 is really going to end up being quite the baby boom and I. Am. Here. For. It.

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