Frequently Asked Questions About Newborn Photo Sessions

I hear you and these are the answers to your most frequently asked questions about newborn photo sessions in the Fort Worth/Dallas metroplex.

1. How old does our baby need to be for the newborn session?

A: I know that the rumor around the neighborhood is that your baby needs to be 7-10 days old for a perfect newborn session, but that just isn’t true! One of the things I LOVE most about a lifestyle session is that I actually prefer your baby to be closer to 4-8 weeks old because then we get the best of both worlds: seeing your baby asleep and awake! There are a lot of benefits to photographing your newborn session a bit older: You and your spouse are in a bit of a routine, you have had more time to recover from birth, your baby has put on a little bit of weight AND your older children have adjusted to a new member of the family. Trust me, 4-8 weeks is the sweet spot for your session!

2. Why do you photograph newborns at home?

A: Everyone is more comfortable at home. Plus you likely worked hard on a nursery and this gives you the opportunity to show it off. AND, in the event of a newborn mess, there are plenty of clothes to change baby (or parents) into. Home is just so comfortable and easy.

3. What if my baby cries the entire time?

A: First of all, that likely won’t happen. I have photographed hundreds of newborns over my 10 years experience and that has happened only a handful of times. Babies want to be held, fed and kept clean. And when we photograph your session at home it is easy to make sure all of those things happen. 

frequently asked questions about newborn photo sessions in fort worth texas
Frequently Asked Questions About Newborn Photo Sessions 5

4. Why is a newborn session so important?

A: There are so many reasons: Your baby is only this tiny for a little while. You will regret it if you don’t do a newborn session. You grew a dang human and you deserve to have photos that are not taken on your iphone. Should I keep going? If you need convincing, shoot me an email and I will give you many, many more reasons. 

5. What if I don’t feel confident with my postpartum body?

A: So here is the deal, most people don’t. And that is totally normal and part of the process. I am the professional and part of my job is making sure that you are photographed in a flattering way. The other thing to consider is that you will likely be holding a baby most of the session and that little bundle does wonders for covering your midsection.

6. My nursery isn’t perfect, can we still do the session there?

A: Absolutely! Your baby doesn’t need a gorgeous, magazine worthy nursery to live in and be loved. And regardless of what yours looks like, I think it is very special and important to shoot part of your session in the space. 

7. Do you offer mini newborn sessions?

A: No, I do not.

8. What is lifestyle photography?

A: Lifestyle photography is being more concerned with the connection and emotions than capturing a perfect portrait. In lifestyle photography I will have you engage with your newborn and your spouse a lot. You will barely ever look at my camera. Lifestyle sessions are so casual and easy. If you have older children they will be encouraged to play and laugh and you won’t have to worry about them being still and giving me a “cheesy” face. If you have never done a lifestyle photography session before, I can promise you that it will be the easiest session you have ever done.

newborn photo session in fort worth hospital
Frequently Asked Questions About Newborn Photo Sessions 6

9. Will you pose my baby?

A: Not really. I will naturally place them on a bed or in their crib with a swaddle and let them do their thing. I won’t strip them naked and bend them into unnatural positions. Trust me, simple and natural is best.

10. Will you use props in our session?

A: I do not bring any props with me and I don’t encourage my families to use them either. However, if there is a special handmade item or heirloom piece that you want to incorporate into your session then we can do that.

11. What do you recommend we wear for our newborn session?

A: Since we are shooting in your home, I want you to be comfortable. The second piece of advice is to dress yourself first and then coordinate the rest of the family. If you don’t feel beautiful, then you won’t love the photos. Flowy dresses and skirts look lovely on camera but if that isn’t your jam, I am cool with whatever you choose. My only color recommendation is to steer clear of deep, dark or super bold colors. When shooting in home, lighter is generally more flattering and easier to work with.

12. Are you cool with dogs and cats?

A: I sure am! I am a dog Mom myself and always welcome pet participation.

fort worth newborn photographer answers frequently asked questions about newborn photo sessions at home
Frequently Asked Questions About Newborn Photo Sessions 7

13. What if my other children are crazy during the session?

A: They probably will be! And that is 100% okay with me! Honestly, I prefer a little chaos over perfectly behaved kiddos. Just leave the kids to me and love them through the mess. The best advice I can give you is to set your expectations accordingly and know that they will be wild and then be prepared to laugh your way through the session.

14. Can you just take pictures of just the baby?

A: The short answer is no. I believe that a newborn is most natural and comfortable in the arms of their parents and therefore that is how we spend most of the session. I will definitely capture solo shots of just the baby but I do require parent participation during the session.

15. Do you have experience with multiples?

A: I do! I have photographed lots of twins and even a set of newborn triplets!

16. Do you offer payment plans?

A: I do! Inquire for more information.

fort worth texas newborn photographer sabrina gebhardt
Frequently Asked Questions About Newborn Photo Sessions 8

17. What is natural light?

A: Natural light is the light that comes into your home from the sun. The best way to gauge how much natural light your home has is to turn off all the interior lights and lamps, then open all the curtains and blinds. 

18. Why does the session depend on weather if the session is indoors?

A: Because I am a natural light photographer, I need the sun to successfully shoot your session. If skies are dark and overcast, the inside of your home will be downright gloomy. I have been doing this for 10 years so just trust me that rescheduling is always better than settling for poor lighting.

19. Why don’t you photograph newborns in the first 7-10 days?

A: There are so many reasons including: Mom and Dad have the chance to get into a routine, Baby puts on a little weight, Mom recovers from birth and older siblings have time to get acquainted with their new baby. There are many more reasons for this but those are definitely the highlights. 

If you still have questions after reading through all those frequently asked questions about newborn photo sessions, shoot me an email and let’s chat. And if you want to get on my client email list to be the first to hear about updates, openings, deals and just generally fun stuff, you can do that HERE.


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