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New Year, New Baby…Same Old Worries with Newborn Photo Sessions

As we usher in a new year, and perhaps you’re readying for a new baby, I’m sure you’re asking yourself allll the questions and doing allll the research. One of the many things on your list is likely finding the right newborn photographer for your family. If that’s you, there are a few key questions to ask (more on that here).


I’m sure you’re also feeling the pressure to get that newborn session booked soon after baby’s arrival. Maybe it’s so soon, you’re not actually fully healed yet. And you certainly don’t have your new baby’s quirks nailed down yet or have acclimated your older kid(s) to the new family dynamic.


Friends, I know about these worries and concerns. Having photographed newborns in the Fort Worth area for nearly 12 years – and being the mom of three kiddos myself – I know these worries ALL too well. And that’s why I say newborn sessions do NOT have to be this way!

newborn baby holding moms hands, newborn baby sleeping on moms shoulder, dad holding newborn baby with big sister touching the babys head and smiling.

This…or That? Choosing the Right Newborn Session for You


What if…instead of schlepping your brand-new babe to a studio however many miles away from home, you stayed cozy at home, enjoyed an extra (maybe even hot) cup of coffee, and let a photographer come to you?

big sister and newborn baby on bed, mom bottle feeding newborn baby, dad holding a yawning newborn baby

What if…you’re not stressing from the hospital about the details of booking a newborn session within your baby’s precious first week home, and instead just focused on that perfect new addition, and maybe even just starting your own healing process in peace?


What if…you don’t schlep to a studio with your newborn and older children and ALLLLL of their things (you know the things, Mamas – bottles, snacks, diapers, wipes, outfit changes…the list goes on). What if instead, your very own closets were just a few steps away in case of a wardrobe malfunction (yes, that’s a nice way of saying blowout), and your pantry was at the ready and full of everyone’s favorite snacks to keep toddlers happy and energy up?

mom holding newborn baby, big sister sitting next to newborn baby, family of four sitting together with a new baby

What if…instead of putting baby in a basket, or having some kind of prop be the star of the show, you have natural, timeless images of your sweet little one in all of their perfect, newborn glory?


What if…you don’t worry about the stiff poses and backdrops that come with a studio shoot, and instead show off the gorgeous nursery you’ve worked so hard on, and let your whole family’s natural dynamic and connections shine through in the photographs, taken in the place you all call home? Like these images here.

newborn baby on a bed, big sister and newborn sitting together, dog in a pink nursery


If these What ifs sound like music to your ears, you’re not alone. If your new year – and the process of welcoming your new baby – would be infinitely happier with a newborn session that looks – and more importantly FEELS, more joyful, laidback and authentic to YOU, then you’ve come to the right place. Reach out anytime here to start a conversation. Let’s resolve to make newborn sessions more fun together!


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