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I am constantly saying, “We should shoot wherever is special to you and your child” and this session was the perfect example of that. In case you have never experienced it, July in Texas is HOT! I am talking sweating-by-8am-hot. When this Momma reached out to plan her daughters’ birthday session she casually mentioned that her she loves the water so naturally we started thinking about how to incorporate it.

First we thought about sprinklers or a baby pool. Quickly that was scrapped and we just went with the real deal. I won’t lie, having the excuse to get in the pool and cool off during a shoot was pretty rad. I brought my waterproof gear and we dove in. Literally:)

Do you know what happens when you are thoughtful about choosing a session location that is special to your family? 

Magic. That’s what happens. 

From the Very. First. Second. that these kids got into the pool, it was nothing but splashing and laughter. Why? Because they love the pool! They weren’t concerned with me. They weren’t apprehensive about the camera. All they cared about was that they were getting to swim. 

Maybe your littles don’t love the water. Cool, what do they love? Maybe it is being at home with their toys. Or eating popsicles. Or riding bikes. Or the playground in your neighborhood. Or that cute donut shop down the street. Or the family ranch. Or the art museum. Wherever you see your people light up with excitement, THAT is the perfect place for a photo session. 

I would love to brainstorm with you about that perfect location. Send me an email here and let’s chat. 


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