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For all you photographers out there, you will understand this phenomenon: While I adore my families and all the little ones I capture, every once in a while there is a session that just really makes your heart sing. Sometimes it is the subjects, sometimes it is the light, sometimes it is the colors or the vibe or maybe it is just people being authentic and real. And then, once in a blue moon, a magical session comes along that incorporates all of these things and when you leave the session you are glowing and grinning ear-to-ear. That was this session.

If you are lucky enough to know this Momma in person, you know that she is as genuine and kind as they come. Her spirit radiates beauty. Her household is the same. I was completely honored to capture this baby boy. He is a miracle baby in more ways than one and this session was a true celebration of him joining this family.

Lifestyle newborn sessions are where my heart feels at home. And this session is an exact representation of why. I want to catch a glimpse of what life is like with a new baby. If you have older children, that often means keeping big kids entertained while the baby tags along and just fits into your world. And that is a totally beautiful reality that should be documented.

Are you interested in an at-home newborn session? Do you have questions? Let’s chat. You can reach me through the contact form here.


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