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In this photography education student feature, I am introducing you to one of my faves. I first met Natasha of NPS Photography almost 3 years ago when she hired me to mentor her. I will come back to that in a minute but in the years since then, we have gotten to be close friends and I am so lucky to have her in my circle.

nps photography dc family photographer

Okay, back to when I met Natasha. She flew to Texas and did an in-person mentoring session with me. At the time, she was ready to transition her studio photography business to an in-home lifestyle business and she wasn’t quite sure how to make the pivot.

During the two days we spent together I realized two things. First, Natasha is a super talented photographer. She walked into the newborn session we shot together and just knocked it out of the park. I was literally thinking, “Why did you think you needed me?”

Second, I loved her personality immediately. We both have three kids and are both enneagram three’s. Plus we had so many other similarities, like our love for travel. I kinda wanted her to be my bestie before she left town to go back home.

nps photography dc newborn photographer

Image by NPS Photography

Another thing I can tell you about Natasha is that she does the work. I can’t tell you how many students I have had over the years that learned what to do but never followed through. That is not Natasha.

She took everything I told her, implemented it all and guess what? Her in-home lifestyle business TOOK OFF. You can just take one look at her Instagram feed and see how incredible her work is.

dc area family photographer nps photography

Image by NPS Photography

Since that first mentorship, Natasha has literally taken every opportunity to learn from me. She participated in my first mastermind, took The Organized Photographer, came to Reset Conference 2021 as a roommate AND is a member of Root to Rise 2022.

And I AM SO LUCKY to have her because she is so awesome. Every one of these things has brought us closer and I have gotten to know her better and better. And she is literally the best.

washington dc area lifestyle newborn photographer nps photography

Image by NPS Photography

Okay but seriously, if you are in the Washington DC area and are looking for an incredibly talented, down to earth photographer to capture your newborn or family, look no further because Natasha is your girl. 100%. Shoot her an email and just trust me on this one.

Oh and I can’t end this post without mentioning two incredibly important things. First, she is a former teacher. So, yea, she totally has the patience to come into your home and capture magic. Second, she is a military spouse and has a huge respect for other military families. Again, these two things are just icing on a cake that is already incredible.

If you want to experience a photo session that is dreamy and captures, “Real life over picture perfect”, Natasha of NPS Photography is your girl.

Curious what Natasha has to say about her experiences learning from me? She wrote about them here.


  1. Natasha Sewell says:

    Sabrina! You are the absolute BEST! I’m so glad my mentoring session turned into a friendship! It’s a JOY to call you friend and learn from you! xo

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