10 travel locations perfect for a photo session

Spoiler alert, I love to travel. Okay, just kidding that is totally not a spoiler. If you know me in person or have followed me on social media for more than like, a week, you know that this is a fact. I was born with a heart of wanderlust and want to see All. The. Places.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself from a vacation, other than the travel itself, is pictures. Yes, of course I am referring to all the iphone shots, point-and-shoot shots and big kid camera shots that you take. But I am also talking about YOU being in the photos. And no, not just asking a random stranger to take one photo at the perfect photo-op spot. No, I mean, hiring a professional to photograph your family while you are on vacation.I actually take my own advice here and do this with my family. Y’all it is amazing. Not only do we get amazing photos in a different location each year but it also takes the pressure off of me a little. I get to enjoy the trip, live in the moment and have the confidence of knowing that if I don’t feel like taking any snaps while we are traveling, I don’t have to! The trip has already been documented!

Hiring a photographer for a trip can be really amazing if you are traveling somewhere brand new and you want to capture the beauty and excitement of a new adventure. It is also pretty darn special to hire someone to capture that special place you travel to every single year with your family. These special, home-away-from-home, locations produce some pretty amazing images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Want to know another reason I LOVE hiring a photographer when we are on vacation? MOST of the time, these trips are sometime between March and October. And that means that our family photos are done long before “christmas card” ordering time. This means, I get to order our cards with an early-bird coupon and they are done super early. Plus, how cool is it to send out a card with an epic location on it?

Travel sessions can be in any location. They can be indoors or outdoors. They can be a casually posed lifestyle session or even a documentary session that covers some of your favorite places around town. Love to ride bikes to your favorite ice cream shop after a day at the beach? Let’s capture that!

For fun, here is a list of 10 locations that would be pretty stinking amazing for travel sessions. Just throwing this out there for the universe because, well, a girl can dream:)

In no particular order:

  1. Jackson Hole

  2. Charleston

  3. New York City

  4. Seattle

  5. Carmel

  6. Boulder

  7. Rosemary Beach

  8. Estes Park

  9. Hawaii

  10. London, Paris, okay anywhere in Europe

Again, if you know me then you know that this list is not NEARLY extensive enough. I mean, I could have titled the post, “Top 1,593 travel locations that are perfect for a photo session” but that would have been a bit excessive and pretty annoying to read through. The point is, ANYWHERE that is special to your family is worth capturing. Because memories don’t just happen at home.

Okay, so I may have convinced you at this point that hiring a photographer on vacation is a pretty phenomenal experience. Especially if you hire one that you already know and love, (hint: ME!). In 2017, I started traveling with clients. It was only a few trips but they were a blast for everyone involved. By the end of this year, I will have doubled last years travel sessions. In 2019, I am *hoping* to average 1 travel session per month (maybe 2x a month in the summer). That being said, due to the nature of these, they book super fast. So, if I have peaked your interest, shoot me a message and lets chat. I would love to know where you go and what makes it so special for your family.


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