What can you gain from a photography mastermind?

It seems like masterminds are all the rage in coaching lately. I am sure you have heard the term before and maybe even know what the experience is like. I thought it would be fun to share what kind of breakthroughs my students in the Root to Rise photography mastermind experience.

Before I dive into what kind of breakthroughs you can expect, I want to make sure you know who the Root to Rise mastermind is for and what kind of women are in the program.

Root to Rise is not a beginners mastermind. This is a program for women who have been in business at least a couple years. The women in the program have the simple overarching goal of wanting to grow their photography business while working on personal development. This simple overarching goal, and the way that the program is laid out means that different women have very different outcomes depending on their needs. This may sound confusing so let me explain it a bit farther.

I built the program to focus on personal development with the desire to show female photographers that when they better themselves, they better their businesses. I know first hand, what it is like as an entrepreneur trying to grow a photography business while balancing my kids, my family, my personal life and my health. It’s a lot. 

So, this program is laid out in a way that focuses on a different personal development theme each month that we dive into and then apply to our businesses. Then in the middle of the program, we all meet in person for a 3 day retreat. At the retreat we shoot sessions together, walk through portfolio reviews, and have intimate fellowship. At the start of the program, the women set goals for themselves. Depending on where they live, how long they have been in business, their season of life and their photography niche, these goals truly are all over the board. 

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What can you gain from a photography mastermind? 5

Some of the goals from past photography mastermind students include:

Raising rates

Doubling revenue

Get start as an educator

Start shooting in a new niche

Move their business cross-country

Taking their photography business full time

And so much more.

Now that you know who the program is for, how it is laid out and what some of the students goals have been. Let me share what some of the big wins and breakthroughs from this mastermind have been. 

photography mastermind wins and breakthroughs
What can you gain from a photography mastermind? 6
What can you gain from a photography mastermind? 7
What can you gain from a photography mastermind? 8

As you can imagine, this is just a small sampling of success stories from the root to rise photography mastermind. Truly, every time I hear a story like this from a student, my heart explodes. It is such an honor to lead each of these women through the transformation that they need. Seeing these women crush their goals and win in business, and life, is so dang thrilling for me.

If you are interested in getting on the waitlist for the next run of the Root ro Rise mastermind, drop your name in the box below.


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