Why You Need a Hospital Newborn Session

You are expecting a new baby, congratulations! You know you need a crib, a carseat, a baby registry and to hire a newborn photographer. But there is one more thing you don’t want to forget…In this post, it is my goal to convince you why you need a hospital newborn session.

Yes, I am telling you to plan on both a first 48 session and a newborn session. Why? Because they are both priceless memory makers and the sessions are super different from one another.

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Why You Need a Hospital Newborn Session 4

Obviously, the newborn session is what most new parents traditionally think of when looking for a photographer. I mean, who doesn’t love sleepy babies, cute nurseries and the family pet jumping into photos. I get it. 100%. I love newborn photography so much, but I also know you need a first 48 session. Yes, I said “need”.

Hospital sessions are different. They are unlike any other photo session you will ever have. And I can pretty much guarantee that they will be your most cherished photos. 

When you are in the hospital, your new baby is literally hours old. You and your partner are in this special bubble of snuggles and joy and love before you are launched into the real world. 

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Is the hospital the most beautiful location? Nope. But it signifies where you became a Mom. And that is priceless.

Are you at your most beautiful when you are just hours postpartum? You might not think so, but I beg to differ. There is never a more beautiful and glowing mom than in the hospital. Imagine getting to have photos taken where your only job is to put on clean pajamas, sit in bed and snuggle your baby. I promise, it is magic.

Are hospital baby “buckets” the cutest props to use for a photo session? Not technically but they are so quintessential to fresh newborn photos. And I promise you, every single baby photographed in the hospital bed is absolutely squishy and adorable.

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Why You Need a Hospital Newborn Session 6

At the end of the day, you need a first 48 session because that is a setting that you won’t get a do-over with. Once you leave the hospital, the opportunity for those photos is gone. You either you them or you don’t. And trust me, you want to.

In my more than 12 years as a photographer, the ONLY session that my clients have ever regretted not doing is a first 48 session.

In fact, that is the most common thing that I hear from my newborn clients. 

That is why you need a hospital newborn session.

It is so common for me to show up to a clients home for a newborn session and upon chatting with them, hearing them say that they regret not having photos in the hospital done. And y’all, that is just WEEKS after their baby has been born. They already regret it!

Don’t let that happen to you. Take my word for it , you need first 48 photos,

If you are interested, in more information or getting your hospital newborn session on the books, I would love to chat. Shoot me an email HERE

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