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Um, I think the real question you should be asking is when is it NOT a good time?

Indoor sessions are the best. Let me give you my list of reasons why.

1. Air Conditioning. Y’all, I don’t like to be hot. Not even a little bit. And my hair doesn’t like humidity. So, if you are at all like me, then indoors is the way to go!

2. Heat. Another great time to have an indoor session is when it is freezing outside. Yep, indoor sessions get nice, even temperatures that don’t change with the seasons and it is glorious.

3. Dirt. Indoor sessions are clean. They don’t involve mud or grass or dirty shoes. There are not puddles to splash in or rocks to trip over. 

4. Bugs. They are not fun and you don’t have to be worried about them during an indoor session. No need for lathering your body in deet when we shoot in your living room:)

5. Messy hair. Y’all wind is great for movement in photos. Until it isn’t great anymore. Gusty wind or insanely strong wind is a MESS for photos. It might help cool the heat down but if everyones hair is going to be all over the place due to wind, I am out. 

6. Babies. The younger your little one, the happier they are at home. This is a fact, plain and simple.

7. Shy children. The same goes for children who are shy to warm up to new places and people. They are comfortable at home, so let’s just stay there and not try to pressure them into a place they don’t want to go.

8. Runners. Is your child a runner? If they are, then the LAST place you should want a photo session is the great outdoors. You will literally be chasing them the entire time. There goes your hair and makeup and I hope you planned on sweating the entire time. Shooting indoors would really be the obvious choice here. Your precious little runner cannot escape and is much more manageable within 4 walls. 

9. Home. Did you just move into a new home? Or renovate your home? Or maybe you haven’t done a single thing to it in years. Either way, it is still home. This is still the place where your life is lived and where most of your memories are made. That is why it is the perfect place to have a photo session. 

10. Relaxed. You know how much effort it takes to get ready for a photo session. There are outfits to consider, hair and makeup to do, supplies to bring and bags to pack plus you have a spouse and children to get ready too. Wouldn’t it be lovely to take out the bag packing and commuting time and just get dressed and then sit and wait for me to arrive? I mean, you can have an extra cup of coffee or a mimosa while you wait. Your kids can play in their rooms with their stuff while you wait. It really is SUCH a more relaxed experience.

11. Snacks. When you know your kids (and husband) will need lots of snacks, home really is the best option. Don’t worry about blood sugar dropping and just stay home where the food is:)

12. Bathrooms. There are no bathrooms in the great outdoors. I don’t know about you but when I am anywhere with my kids I like to know where the closest bathroom is at all times. And if you have a toddler who is potty training this is ESPECIALLY true. When you shoot indoors, especially at home, there are bathrooms. Praise the Lord!

13. Dogs. Sure, we could technically include your pups during an outdoor session, but that brings me back to #8 on the list. Unless they are the most behaved dogs of all time, I worry about runners. I really don’t want to spend the majority of your session time chasing your beloved pups so lets just shoot at home! 

I hope you are reading over this list nodding your head in agreement. Aren’t these all fantastic reasons to shoot indoors? I mean, I think they are.

If you are interested in hearing more about lifestyle sessions indoors or at home, I would love to chat. I will even spend more time convincing you if I need to:) You can reach me here and we can start the conversation.


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