You Won’t Believe the Year We are Having

Dear Mimi,

I don’t even know where to begin this letter. I guess the obvious place is to tell you that I miss you terribly and think about you so often. And honestly I have everyday since that horrible day in August 2017.

So much life has happened since then. And with every trip taken, holiday celebrated or milestone passed, I really miss being able to call you and talk about it with you. I know you are with me though. I feel it every day. I especially love when you visit me briefly in my dreams. That is the best. But I miss you being here.

I am so thankful because even now, almost 3 years later, I can still hear your voice just as it was. And I can still feel your skin from the last time I held your hand. The fact that those moments are still with me are such a huge gift that I do not take for granted.

But, I feel like we have missed so many conversations in 2020. You and I were talkers. We would spend hours over multiple bottles of wine and just cover all the things. And we would laugh about all the things. Laughing until we were crying was pretty much standard for us.

Mimi, you would absolutely not believe the insanity that this year has brought. I literally could not have made up and more bizarre year if I tried.

I know that so many sad, tragic and deadly serious things have happened this year. But it has 100% turned into a huge joke. At least we would have seen it that way.

I have been desperate to talk to you about the insanity of our world almost every day this year. Things just keep getting worse and with every crazy twist of events I have thought to myself, “Mimi would not believe this”.

I so desperately want to know what you would have said about all these things. But mostly I ache for the opportunity to share a bottle of wine (or two) and make fun of this dumb year. Because that is TOTALLY what we would be doing at this point.

Don’t get me wrong, we would have been taking things seriously. But by now, we would have agreed that this year is one big sh*t show and we would be laughing so hard. Oh Mimi, you would have LOVED all the memes that are popping up on the internet.

And you would have TOTALLY bought a set (or five) of hilarious cocktail napkins making fun of this year. Because your collection of inappropriate humor cocktail napkins would have needed some 2020 jokes thrown in.

As much as I selfishly miss your friendship right now, I am really glad that you are safe. I am glad that I am not worried sick about your health. I am glad that you are not going to and from doctors offices while dealing with both asthma and a face mask.

I am SO glad that you are not isolated and alone. Because you totally would have been.

I would have had to stop visiting you. It wouldn’t have been safe for me, or anyone else, to see you with your compromised lungs. And the cancer.

I know that your precious retirement facility would not have allowed visitors. And I know you would be completely miserable missing all your social engagements and cocktail hours. You would have HATED being alone in your apartment all the time. And I would have been completely sick with worry and over you being so lonely.

2020 has indeed been the most bizarrely insane year ever. You can’t even make up the stuff that has happened. Murder hornets? Locusts? An entire country covered in wildfires? A pandemic causing the entire nation to wear face masks everywhere? It is truly either the end of the world or a huge practical joke.

I miss you so much. But I am so thankful that I can still hear your laughter. I can almost feel you and I sitting together in your kitchen, buzzed off of too much wine, trying to figure out what to throw together for dinner with tears streaming down our face, laughing over some hilarious face mask story. It would have happened. I am certain of it.

I feel so robbed of that memory. I am crying just thinking about it. We would have made lemons out of lemonade. You were always so good at that.

But I am also very thankful that you are safe and with Jesus already. I know things are much better where you are than they are down here. Shoot, maybe you all are up there preparing for Jesus’s return very soon. Because it feels like it is coming. Or at least it should be.

Anyways, I am starting to ramble now. Which is what I do when I don’t want something to end. I try to drag on and make things last.

I miss you every day. I carry you every where I go. And I always will. Even if it is while wearing a stupid face mask during a pandemic while being forced to homeschool my kids. And our 2 puppies. Oh yea, we got TWO puppies. Yea, I know. What the hell was I thinking?

Anyways, I am okay. We are okay. But can you tell Jesus that we are ready whenever He is because 2020 is dumb? Thanks.

Until I see you again,




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