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I have been a newborn photographer in the Fort Worth, Texas area for more than ten years. As you can imagine, that means I have learned a thing or two about these special sessions.

I have photographed over 500 newborn sessions (crazy, I know!) and there are SO many things I want to tell you. But in an effort to not make this the longest blog post of all time, here are 10 things I want you to know about your newborn session.

  1. Your baby doesn’t need to be 7 days old for incredible newborn images.

    I know the rumors, and I used to follow them too.

    BUT I have learned over the years that I actually LOVE to photograph newborns between 3-6 weeks old. And here are just a few reasons why…

    The baby is more awake. You are more adjusted. Your baby has started to gain a bit of weight and is looking more like themselves. You have had time to heal. And honestly, the list goes on and on.

  2. Your home doesn’t need to be perfect.

    I know you just had a baby. I know you are insanely exhausted. I know you have a zillion new baby gifts and things all over the house.

    Here is the deal though, I am the master at tucking things away. I am the master at shooting from angles that camouflage the chaos.

    I promise I won’t let you look like an exhausted slob during your session.

  3. Trust me, you want to be in these images.

    I have had so many parents over the years tell me that they only want pictures of the baby and their siblings. That they don’t want to be in the images. And I can tell you that they have all been wrong. 

    If you come at me telling me that you are not participating in the newborn session, I won’t let you hire me. And I am not joking about that.

    Babies belong in the arms of their parents.

    AND the biggest point to remember is that these photos are a gift TO YOUR CHILD. When they are all grown up they deserve to see photos of them in your arms. They deserve to see how you looked at them and how they fit in your arms.

  4. There is so much more to a newborn session than just posing a sleepy baby.

    I want to tell your story. I want to capture the details of what life was like in your home when this new baby arrived.

    I want to freeze time so that you can remember that house. And that couch. And that nursery. And that family pet.

    When I show up to your newborn session, I am going to look at the big picture of your family and capture THAT. Yes, I will focus on the baby, but your final gallery will show you so much more than your beautiful sleeping baby.

    Trust me.

  5. Yes, you DO want to have this session in your home.

    Again, just trust me on this one.

    Getting everyone picture ready and out the door on time is like climbing a mountain.

    And should you choose a studio session (with another photographer), by the time you finally arrive at the studio, the baby will need to eat again, and probably have a blowout. You will be frazzled from a busy morning and maybe there was traffic on the way.

    OR, you can hire me and let me come to you.

    Imagine enjoying your 3rd cup of coffee, from your own kitchen, with your favorite Spotify station playing and skipping all that drama. 

  6. Your last child deserves a newborn session just as much as your first.

    If you have more than one child then you know how normal it is for the first to have the perfect nursery, 20 baby showers, and all the photo sessions.

    Then as siblings start to arrive, the farther down the birth order line they get, the less and less they have. Look, I am a mom of three myself and I can TOTALLY attest to this truth.

    There is no shame in that statement but what I want you to realize is that capturing the magic of siblings falling in love with a new baby is literally the best ever. And if you skip a newborn session because “you did that with the last baby” then you are really missing out on what would most likely be your most favorite session ever.

  7. I know newborn sessions are an investment but I also know that they will be the most cherished investment you make in your baby.

    In the long run, you will cherish those newborn photogs more than the “it” stroller you purchased. More than the designer nursery you splurged on. More than the perfect tiny wardrobe. More than the night nurse. (Okay maybe not more than the night nurse but a close second for sure!)

  8. Going through the effort of getting dressed, doing your hair, putting on makeup, and session prepping is going to be so life-giving for you.

    For many moms, the newborn session is the first time postpartum that they do all of these things. And at Every. Single. Session. moms tell me how good they feel.

    I know you are exhausted but just trust me, having an excuse to get dressed up and feel beautiful, even if only for a couple of hours, will be so good for you.

  9. The conversations are a huge bonus to the experience. 

    Yes, I am coming to your home to take photos. But it will end up being much more than that. We will talk. We will share stories. We will connect. And like I mentioned above, it will be an unexpected benefit from your newborn session.

    Just read what a recent newborn client had to say about the experience:

    “Not only is Sabrina talented, but she is also so kind. During our shoot, she asked about our birth experience, the initial highs, and lows of being new parents- and shared her own experiences. It was effortless. We weren’t frazzled or stressed and I thank her so much for that.”

  10. A calm mom means a calm baby.

    If you are frazzled on session day, your baby will fuss the entire time. On the other hand, if you are calm, amidst the picture day chaos, your baby will be too.

    And here is the thing, I will be there to help.

    After doing this for more than ten years, I don’t get frazzled with a fussy baby. I have been called the “baby whisperer” approximately 500 times because when even the fussiest baby is put into my arms, they chill out.

    Why? Because I am calm.

    So, even if you do get a little frazzled on session day, I will just hold your baby for a bit to give you a break. You will get a much-needed reset and then we will move on. Plus, holding babies is my favorite thing ever so I won’t mind even a little bit.

After reading all of this, you want to get more information about a lifestyle newborn session with me, let’s chat! You can reach out to me here to get the conversation started.

You can also check out all my most recent work over on Instagram!










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