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You read that right. Praise the Lord, hospital First 48 sessions are finally BACK!

I literally cannot tell you how much my heart is singing with this news. Of all the things I missed during the global “issue” over the past 15 months, hospital newborn sessions are easily at the top of the list.

And I know you have missed them too.

I have completely lost count of how many had to be canceled.

I have had so many pregnant moms just devastated over missing these sessions.

So many women told me that they were finally going to have these sessions done only to have them become unavailable for safety reasons.

The loss of these memories is heartbreaking for so many. But the good news is that if you are expecting a new baby anytime for today and forward, hospital sessions are back!

Curious what a hospital session is all about? Well, let me tell you all about how amazing they are…

  • First 48 sessions are fast!- I know you just had a baby and are exhausted, that’s why they are only 30-45 minutes long.

  • They are easy!- You just had a baby, so you get the joy of laying in bed during the entire session. Can you imagine the glory? Sure, you might want to shower and put on a tad bit of makeup if that is your jam, but “real clothes” and posing is not required. Pajamas and laying in bed #forthewin.

  • No outfit coordination required!- You are going to be in pajamas, a hospital gown or a cute robe and your new baby will be in a hospital swaddle. So let your partner and any siblings just be in whatever they want. This isn’t like any other photo session, magic will happen no matter what everyone is wearing!

  • These sessions are magic- Trust me on this one. There is something about those first few hours of a baby’s life inside the bubble of a hospital room that create the most intimate and magical images. Some infants sleep and snuggle the entire time. Others fuss and cluster feed the entire time. And no matter which camp your new baby falls into, the session will be perfect. Again, just trust me.

  • Hospital images are priceless- Every. Single. Time. I photograph one of these sessions, the Mom tells me they are her favorite images of all time. Even if she wasn’t sure about getting them done in the first place.

Have I convinced you yet? I certainly hope so. If you are interested in more information about a First 48 session or to book yours, shoot me an email. I can’t wait to capture the magic for you.









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