Fort Worth Newborn Photographer | Essential Item on the New Baby Checklist

Mamas-to-be, I know there is a long list of items on your New Baby checklist. As an experienced mom myself, I’d bet that your list includes things like tour hospital, scout daycares, sanitize bottles and pump parts, wash all the itty bitty baby blankets and onesies…but let me put on my photographer hat for a second and implore you to add one more thing to your list. And that’s to book a newborn session.

The newborn stage is the fastest stage of childhood in the books. Babies don’t keep. In fact, they grow and change every day. Skipping a newborn session – whether it’s in-home or a Fresh 48 in the hospital – is akin to opting out of a wedding photographer.

In other words – you wouldn’t dream of it. So please don’t consider doing so for your sweet newborn. 

Just in case I haven’t yet convinced you, allow me to share a few of the best reasons why booking a newborn session is an essential to-do on your new mama list.

new baby checklist includes booking a newborn photo session
Fort Worth Newborn Photographer | Essential Item on the New Baby Checklist 4

#1. Those 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes

Babies are just SO PERFECTLY TINY when they’re just born. All of their special details, like their 10 tiny fingers, 10 tiny toes, perfect lashes…are fleeting. One day – and it comes sooner than you think – they will be so big that you won’t even be able to REMEMBER how tiny they once were.

Unless, of course, you capture this time. 😉

#2. That picture perfect nursery

Okay, Mama, I KNOW you worked impossibly hard on setting up your new baby’s nursery. You oversaw crib and changing table assembly, and lovingly arranged new children’s books and mementos on the bookshelf. The color scheme is from a dream, but it’s actually real.

And if you’re anything like me, you put more effort into the baby’s nursery than any other room in the house. It’s the perfect backdrop and having photos of you and your family in that special room will always remind you of these fast-moving moments. 

booking at newborn session for your baby is essential
Fort Worth Newborn Photographer | Essential Item on the New Baby Checklist 5

#3. That new mom glow

I know how easy it is to feel self-conscious after giving birth. Hello, I was in your shoes THREE TIMES.

But what I also know is that, in time, and in looking back at photos, new moms totally glow. It’s that mix of pride and joy and – let’s face it RELIEF – that your new baby isn’t taking over your body anymore. There is nothing more beautiful than a new mama. 

#4. It’s a gift to yourself

You got your baby here safe and sound. You sacrificed for 9 (okay basically 10) long months and you’re still making sacrifices with your sleep, your schedule and so on. You deserve to give yourself this gift. Full stop. Mic Drop. End of story.

new baby checklist booking a newborn photo session in fort worth texas
Fort Worth Newborn Photographer | Essential Item on the New Baby Checklist 6

#5. You will never get these moments back

Once the newborn stage is over, it’s over and you can never get these moments with your baby back. (I know, insert all the tears here!)

The *only* way I’ve found that helps me remember these moments is photographs. As you can tell, it’s a deep passion of mine to help you freeze frame this special time with your baby. 

Interested in learning more about my newborn session offerings? I’d love to chat!

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